The Collective | Yin Love, Yoni Health & A Simple Raspberry Chia Parfait

The Collective is a weekly feature that features a quick rundown of things and topics that inspire me, so I've decided to share them here with you. Less rooted in structure, more-so rooted in a celebration of all things good & fun.

I'm getting so many ideas from these healthy-ish escapes. My travel bug is biting hard and going completely off the grid for a stay at this dreamy abode in Pioneertown sounds...well, lovely. 

The local jewelry line that I want to keep secret but have to share. Upcycled leather has never looked more beautiful. 

The Mara Hoffman Majorca Set that's got me in a beautiful fit. Great addition to that late summer wardrobe when minimal, breezy layers sound more than ideal. 

Working on a wellness guide to Charleston, but this spot was my favorite for quick nourishment (to stay or to go). Their kale slaw, shaved carrots with harissa and chia pudding parfait with housemade paleo granola were among my favorites. 

If you know someone with a summer birthday, here's a raw vanilla bean & cherry cheesecake worth whipping up, especially while sweet cherries are in season.

Yoni health, learn to love it. 

I love the latest herbal formula that Sun Potion just launched, Yin Power, that combines adaptogenic herbs specifically formulated to nourish feminine energy and harmonize the entire female body from the inside out. Expect to see recipes & infusions with this golden tonic very soon.

I've been craving a love of salty, miso-like flavors lately, so this Avocado Salad with Ginger Miso Tahini Dressing stole my attention. As does every single recipe from Renee's recipe archives

On clearing stagnation and boosting energy. There are some solid bits in there, especially in terms of choosing fresh over frozen when blending up your morning smoothies. "In Chinese medicine, stagnation refers to a blockage of energy caused by improper food combining or the abruption of blood flow. Feeling compelled to eat hot or cold foods, dry skin, indigestion, and bloating are all signs that you have stagnation somewhere in the body. Although this is something that can be prevented, determining how to clear it as it comes up is critical in regaining your creativity, health, and vibrancy."

A quick summer Raspberry & Chia Smoothie Parfait for you to experiment with below:

CHIA BASE | Combine 1 cup purified water, 1 tbsp coconut butter & 3 heaping spoonfuls tocos into a high-speed blender. Option to add adaptogens. Blend on high until well combined. Pour into a glass jar or ceramic and add 3-4 tbsp chia seeds. Set in fridge until chia seeds are fully plumped, or overnight. 

SMOOTHIE BASE | Combine 1 cup cashew yogurt (or other non-dairy alternative) into a high-speed blender with fresh, local raspberries. Blend on high. Layer on top of chia seed pudding.

GARNISH & SERVE | Add fresh, organic blueberries and any other favorite ingredients (such as dried mulberries, cacao nibs, homemade granola). Indulge.