Weekends In The Kitchen + Butternut Squash Three Ways

  Photo courtesy: Feasting At Home

Photo courtesy: Feasting At Home

I didn't intend for this to become a full-blown fall menu, but then it pretty much did. Too many recipes out there right now, it's hard not to share. But first, beauty hacks, what happens when you experience estrogen overload, childhood favorites (modernized + upgraded) and climate change with Leo.

FACE MASKS + BEAUTY HACKSKitchen-inspired beauty treatments ranging from hand scrubs to massage oils. 

And speaking of hacks, here's another genius one: DIY Almond Milk. Almond Butter + Water, ten seconds, go. 

CHILDHOOD FAVORITES | With a twist. Case in point: Superfood Rice Krispie Treats + Vegan PB&J Cups

HERBAL SPOTLIGHT | Schisandra berry. It's an aphrodisiac, beauty food and thyroid + hormone balancer. Boom.

TONIC DISCOVERY | Just found this line of goods in the grocery store and loaded up on the tonics to defend myself from the colds that are rapidly going around. They're full of naturally occurring probiotics to feed a healthy gut, but they definitely do have a bite about them. Prepare yourself.

ESTROGEN OVERLOAD | Some estrogen is good, but too much, not so much. If you're experiencing any of these signs + symptoms, then chances are that elevated estrogen is the root of the problem. 

CLIMATE CHANGE | Before you roll your eyes, know that this National Geographic x Leonardo DiCaprio film: Before The Flood is worth the watch. Then you can decide whether or not to eye roll. As for what you can do, cut back on your consumption of meat and dairy. For your health and for the future of this planet

WEEKENDS IN THE KITCHEN | There are plenty of recipes to go around as you begin to ease into the holidaze:

Baked apple chips, for those leftover apples you picked weeks ago.

Butternut squash stuffed in all the right ways. Three ways, actually. 

Roasted Rutabaga Pasta, for those of you that have a weakness for pasta + comfort foods, but want to do it quickly + cleanly. 

Kabocha & Kale Miso Sesame Soba Salad. Umami, people. Umami.  

Spiced cashew butter, to slather on everything. Like those apple chips. 

Sweet Potato Chia Pudding, for belly filling protein, fiber, good fats, and soul satisfying sweetness. Plus, these fancy spoons to savor them with.

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Otherwise enjoy your weekend + be well.