Pomegranate Season, The Cacao Cure + Voting For Your Health

  Photo courtesy: Pomegranate

Photo courtesy: Pomegranate

If you already have an appetite and are trying to hold out until lunchtime, then you might want to bookmark this one for later. Otherwise, we're covering the topics of your health + how it comes into play this election, the lymphatic system + your organs of elimination, luxe lattes + cacao treats....and the practice of patience as a virtue: de-seeding a pomegranate. 

VOTE FOR YOUR HEALTH | The election on November 8 goes way beyond the presidential race. Local elections can have just as profound of an impact, whether it’s through GMO labeling or how much women have to pay for tampons. Peek Well + Good's healthy election guide for wellness-related issues at hand and how they affect you. 

DRINK YOUR HERBS | I talk about Sun Potion herbs, a lot. Here's a helpful guide to learn more about them and why they might be beneficial for you.

LUXE LATTE | Speaking of drinking your herbs, here's a rich blend for beauty + immunity. Cacao, coconut butter, goji berries + herbs. 

LYMPH FLOW | The lymphatic system gets less attention than the circulatory system, but its function is just as critical. Learn a few ways in which you can help boost a healthy lymph flow for clearer skin, less swelling, less bloating, and more energy. 

ELIMINATION | Get to know the six organs that support your elimination and how you can support them through food for happier insides.

THE CACAO CURE | Better than a Reese's, these vegan pumpkin white chocolate cups give a whole new meaning to Halloween "candy." And this cacao chia pudding recipe takes the cake. 

YOGA SPACES | The kinds of walls we should be building more of: yoga studios. Love the concept of this backyard yoga studio and this Aussie hip hop yoga studio. "A giant oil painting of Biggie greets you as you walk up the yellow stairs of Yoga 213. Natural light floods through 3 large arch windows, and Californian inspired tiles line the bathroom floors." Yes. Yes, please.

THE MOON + YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE | My MindBodyGreen story sparked a lot of questions about how we sync our cycle with the moon. Here's an informative overview between your body and la luna. 

POMEGRANATE SEASON | This fruit, technically a berry, is praised for its powerful disease-fighting antioxidants. Learn about it, including how to de-seed it, and then make something delicious with it, like this dark chocolate grain porridge or cinnamon apple yogurt bowl

HUNGER + HORMONES | By now you're probably hungry with all of these recipes, but first get to know these 9 hunger hormones that aide in everything from nutrient storage to appetite control. An imbalance in them could be behind those poor eating habits or appetite gone rogue. 

Halloween, new moon, new month on the horizon. Boom, keep doing you. xx