The Collective | All Buttered Up & Low Back Bralettes

  Photo credit: Electric Sun Creatives

Photo credit: Electric Sun Creatives


Beautiful brass wall hangings, the truth about feminine care products, the dry shampoo I wish I knew about awhile ago, modern day thin mints, low back bralettes, handmade wearables / jewelry and new self-care spring arrivals. 

ELECTRIC SUN | This California maker of beautiful geometric brass wall hangings and mobiles brings the sunshine into any space. You must follow her on Instagram to hear when she'll debut new creations in her Etsy shop

CHEM FATALE | Toxic chemicals have no place in feminine care products. Read between the lines to ensure you're not overloading your system with harmful chemicals that may be damaging to your lady parts.  

BUTTERED UP | If like me, you are butter obsessed, then these maqui salted PB mints (you'll have to scroll down for the recipe), these blackberry & cashew butter bars and maybe just this, with a kick. Making homemade nut butters has been a game changer for me personally. I suggest you try. 

WELL JEWELED | Keep a watch on the beautiful wearables that this trio of women make with the love of their own two hands: Sun and Selene, Steele Henry and MLKANHNY are making. I'm especially into this palo santo holder

JUST ASK | The latest issue from Fullest Mag featuring adaptogenic chai lattes, an interview with the founder of Moon Juice and more. 

SKIRT SETS & BRALETTES | Some dream of high-end designer hand bags, I dream of this sundown skirt set. And a low back bralette

MERMAID HAIR | The dry shampoo that I wish I knew about a long time ago. Talc-free and infused with essential oils of rose geranium and palmarosa, so you can feel like a mermaid while you bathe in the Costa Rican tide pools (I'm still dreaming). 

SPRING ARRIVALS | Soft focus masks, velvet face serums, essential oil-based candles and meditation cushion sets. Find new spring goods from female makers in the SHOP