The Collective | Functional Food, Body Positivity & Green Things (That Aren't Green Beer)

  Photo credit: Hustle + Hide

Photo credit: Hustle + Hide


Awakening creativity, functional foods for improved mood, body positivity, mermaid milk and other hints of green things that aren't green beer, if you're into celebrating the holiday in a different kind of way. 

FUNCTIONAL FOOD | For anxiety and mood. Unbalanced hormone levels, poor inflammatory response, mineral imbalance and improper fatty acid ratios are typically at the root cause of many mood disorders like anxiety and depression, but there are specific foods that have been touted to help with overall mood and mental clarity.

MATCHA + CACAO | The green superfood truffles that I'm whipping up in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

BODY POSITIVE | Incredible yogis of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds celebrate the practice as being content in the skin they're in. Similarly, this beautiful new book, Yoga Bodies, contains photographs and real stories of 80 yoga practitioners that share how yoga has changed their lives for the better.

CACTUS POSE | Stand tall in your tree pose and lay mellow in your savasana while donning pieces from this functional and gorgeous new cactus collection.

And while you're at it, this cognac yoga mat strap. Oh my. 

AWAKEN CREATIVITY | Herbs, foods, techniques and tools to awaken your creative fire. Alongside this Coconut Rose Lemonade, at best.

MERMAID MILK | This turquoise colored milk gets its pastel color from both liquid chlorophyll and pumpkin seeds. Along with hemp seeds and peppermint, this potent combination creates an elixir that's antioxidant rich and like smooth jazz for the digestive tract. And, some mermaid toast

REVERSE IT | The 100 things we need to do to reverse global warming. Le sigh. 

HOLY GRAIL OF WATER JUGS | The epic water jug that could easily buy two roundtrip tickets to Costa Rica. But, it's beautiful to admire, you have to admit that. Similarly, The WALTER

And a few more for good measure: Nourished Journal and Fullest Mag content, these white sunnies (via Free + Native), these cloud-like blue pancakes and these cashew butter protein bars.

...and that same company that makes those beautiful leather yoga straps also makes this essential oil folding pouch. Genius.