The Cool Down

Not to overstate the obvious, but it's hot. Makes me look forward even more to flipping my pillow to the cooler side when I wind down in bed during these steamy summer nights. This heat brings out the pitta (fire) energy, so it's very important to cool ourselves down by hydrating properly, balancing activity with rest and indulging in all things soothing & cooling. This week's link love is all about the cool down + ways to naturally cool ourselves down from the inside out. 

  Photo courtesy: Will Frolic For Food

Photo courtesy: Will Frolic For Food

Rehydrate well & often

Think watermelon, cucumber, coconut water & aloe. Get inspired by these cooling sips: Watermelon Coconut Aloe Juice, Papaya Lassi + put these Matcha + Lavender Almond Milk Lattes over ice for a calming yet energizing start to your day. 

And yes, aloe vera is edible and not just something to slather on your skin post-sunburn. Opt for aloe straight from the leaf - the absolute best way to go about it!

  Photo courtesy: Little Barn Apothecary

Photo courtesy: Little Barn Apothecary

Slather & mist

Treat your skin as you would your diet and avoid products that clog your pores. Keep this Coconut + Mint Mineral Body Mist in your purse or tote for quick replenishment & nourishment. 

Blend together this luscious DIY Aloe & Rosewater After Sun Potion to help quench parched skin and heal burns after a day in the sun. Raw aloe leaf and lavender essential oil help to reduce swelling and cool the skin, rose water balances the skin’s pH and raw coconut oil provides deep moisture.

And finally, my favorite. The ultimate cool down. 

  Photo courtesy: @fernolivia

Photo courtesy: @fernolivia

Soak In Savasana

Savasana is the most important part of a yoga practice, allowing you to nourish the mind, body & spirit after physical movement and exploration. Many want to quickly wiggle their way out, but try to stay in.

At the end of a long day, try it on your own at home by using pillows and blankets for support. This playlist that I pulled together compiles all of my favorite savasana cool down songs, always adding more as I go.

Brooklyn Candle Studio made a candle especially for savasana featuring light floral notes of lotus blossoms and jasmine rise along with a warm earthy base of patchouli, amber, and white woods. Burn it while you mellow out. 

Take it another step further by revitalizing and rejuvenating on a pranamat. It's a therapeutic manual massage mat that can help relieve muscle aches & pains while helping you to ease into better sleep. Sounds pretty nice, yeah? 

Embrace the cool down as a part of your self-care routine to ensure that your health is in check during these fiery summer months, because the heat (and the pitta) is no joke. 

Comment below the ways in which you enjoy cooling down to further share inspiration with the community and those looking for quick tips. 

Be well, summer love bugs. 

xx Allison

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