The Collective | Summertime Scoops & Orgasm Equality

  Photo courtesy: Will Frolic For Food

Photo courtesy: Will Frolic For Food

The most gorgeous cookbook I've yet to hold in my hands, mind-blowing ice cream flavor pairings for summer indulgence, a beauty trick for clump-free lashes, educational bits on hormonal balance and a spiced cashew herb dressing to drizzle on all your summer salads.  

The latest cookbook that I've been thumbing through, which weaves in a fresh approach to eating well for all (carnivores and herbivores alike). Plus, more really wonderful cookbook resources here.

Unexpected, genius pairings for summertime scoops: rosewater & beetroot, fennel & dark chocolate ganache, coconut black sesame & strawberry swirl and purple sweet potato.

...and I couldn't leave you without the in on these matcha ice cream sandwiches + olive oil hot fudge sauce

Your favorite mascara + this illuminating mist for smooth, clump-free lashes. (The mist also doubles as a post-sun skin refresher when chilled in the fridge.)

This article has some solid bits for women looking to balance hormones holistically through diet, supplements and physical therapies. Also, this article on relief from PMS in general.

Cliteracy and orgasm equality

Loving the idea of slathering all summer salads in this spiced cashew herb dressing. Along with slow roasted wild salmon. And then sprinkled with this threefold vegetable powder. Umami!

I'm still on the fence about cauliflower in my smoothies, because I have yet to try it for myself, but regardless, this frozen hot chocolate from My New Roots sounds incredible...especially during this east coast heat wave. (Anyone else tried the cauliflower thing yet?)

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