The Collective | Summer Aphrodisiacs

THE WEEKLY COLLECTIVE | Pom pom pants (that at least I think are fun), a trifecta of summer aphrodisiacs, new sounds for your listening ears and the SPF skin protectant that smells a little like chocolate. 

Love me some SAMAYA, but especially this Luna Meditation cushion set with beautiful velvet shades of ivory, cream and earthy gold. The queen of bum and spinal support.

This local collaboration for beautiful polished gems. Love when equally amazing women get together to co-create something special for intentional use.  

Summer wardrobe: pom pom pants and kimonos.

My recent interview with Kate McCabe of Solful Health on the purpose and intention of my work, plus some other personal bits.

A trifecta of aphrodisiacs: this frothy hibiscus latte, cacao rose ice cream and matcha dusted strawberries with cacao butter glaze.

The track I've been playing on repeat. And this playlist in general. 

I've been loving Anima Mundi's Mangosteen Hibiscus + this damiana for a potent little heart-opening elixir. Libido season, so drink up ladies.

The surf mud with zinc oxide for clean summer skin protection. Bonus, it's blended with cacao and tea tree oil, so just image what that would smell and feel like.