The Collective | Seasonal Selects


A skin-loving body butter, rosewater-infused pistachio milk, (vegan) coconut bacon bits for spring salads & scrambles, watercolor-based prints that I'm swooning over and a potent oil for moontime cramping.

These seasonal selects, especially this Oragami Jumper

The pistachio milk that I'm loving, but slightly altered by using rosewater instead of orange blossom. Light, feminine, and deeply nourishing. 

Here's a recipe for rosewater that you can create at home for use in elixirs and hydrosols.

Coconut bacon bits for spring salads, scrambles and straight up by the handful. 

The balm that I finally got my hands on and have been blending with my evening facial serum. The list of essential oils in this blend is incredible. 

The California-based woman making luxurious spirit soak ritual bath infusions and alchemy + watercolor based prints. 

Chlorella lemonade with candied seaweed. What even is this edible treasure! My mind is blown, and I love what the company behind it, Hello Le Picnic, is all about. 

Currently, the three herbal formulas that I'm really loving lately: Qi protein (adrenals, hormones, digestion), Women's Complete (metabolism, blood production, skin) and prash (an ayurvedic ghee & honey blend that acts as a delicious carrier in any tonic). 

This mugwort oil for moontime cramping and pain relief. I also hear it does wonders for libido and sexual function when applied to lower body sweet spots. 

And the summer hat for bright and breezy days, or when you're on your fifth day of not washing your hair and want to just keep riding it out.