The Collective | Toxic No-No's, Words by Women & A Recipe Trifecta

  Photo credit: Ashley Abbot of  @sacredfem

Photo credit: Ashley Abbot of @sacredfem


I've been a bit off the grid these past few weeks, but have landed back in Richmond and am filled to them brim with new inspiration (and also more freckles than usual) from my recent travels to California. I feel there is so much good to share, but I'll course out my findings for you over the coming weeks while I continue to archive even more.

This week, toxic no-no's to look out for in feminine care products, empowering words from equally empowering women, personalized and sustainable meal delivery programs and recipes at the very top of my homemade hit list - including a very enticing cactus flour flatbread.

We (as women) have enough to deal with every month -- intimate exposure to toxic chemicals shouldn't be one of them.

The digital spring wellness issue that's inspiring me. If you read just one thing, let it be: When Self Care Is A Struggle. The recipe for plantain blondies doesn't hurt, either.

How are we to heal, while we have just so much going on? A brilliant and beautiful quick-read by the inspiring Meagan Henry.

A soon-to-launch personalized food therapy company that will deliver to your doorstep. flavor ID combines ancestral data with modern science to personalize what foods suit your wellness best. I'm beyond fascinated.

Similarly, a new service delivering fresh, certified sustainable seafood.

The brand new restaurant in Silver Lake that's on my hit list next time I'm in LA. The pumpkinseed & caraway granola with mulberries, olive oil and orange goodness yes. 

I love this. Young talent with a sharp eye.

The breathwork retreat that I have my eye closely on. Anyone else want to come with?

This rustic collection of ceramic plates, bowls and mugs.

Recipe trifecta that has me swooning in the kitchen: this cactus flour flatbreadthese matcha vanilla ice cream sandwiches, and yep...these

Inspiration for our NOURISH Workshop skin food & custom face mask blending session. And by the way, we only have five spots left for our workshop. One of those belongs to you. Hope to see you there.