The Collective | Local Leather Goods & Blue Lotus Chai

  Photo courtesy: Tom Raffield

Photo courtesy: Tom Raffield


The hanging chair that I would very much like to spend all my days in, a calming blue lotus chai, a podcast on miscarriage and menstruation that's likely worth your time and beautiful marbled leather coasters (and other goods) made locally with love. 

22 pantry staples for healthy skin.

This Blue Lotus Chai and these sun/moon ceramic mugs to enjoy it in. 

This little jumper for breezy summer days. 

Okay, prepare yourself. These wonderful hormone balancing helva bars, this Nettle Vegan Cheesecake, this Strawberry Milk (for mood + hormonal support), these Turmeric Spiced Carrot Fritters with Fried Eggs & Avocado 

This Amble Hanging Seat. SWOON.

Favorite little goods new to LA-based General Store: hanging ceramic planters, these gorgeous cups, beautiful blue salt bowls (that remind me of Santorini) and these hand-thrown double bowls.

The next podcast in my queue: Miscarriage, Menstruation & Mindful Mothering

The XX - I See You LP, on repeat. 

Local leather goods by Molly Virginia Made, especially marveling over these beautiful coasters

And in case you missed it, the Rosewater Pistachio & Schisandra Tart that I made for our recent NOURISH workshop paired with these dreamy matcha shakes

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