The Collective | Acupuncture, Chlorella & Chocolate. Oui Oui.

  Photo credit: Balm and Co

Photo credit: Balm and Co


From alternative holistic treatments to the mermaid looking powder that will make anything you put it in look like a green dream, this week's curation may be best enjoyed with a chunk of raw chocolate and your laziest (jump) suit. Oui Oui.

ACUPUNCTURE | For headaches, hormones, and everything in between. 

CHOCOLATE, OUI OUI | The makers of my favorite matcha mint lip salve have an indulgent new addition to their lineup: Chocolate Milk Bath. Hydrating, detoxing, softening to the skin and infused with honey and vanilla bean. Like I said, oui oui. 

CHLORELLA | activates the brain, nourishes internal organs and supports the digestive cycle. This mermaid looking powder contains a potent dose of chlorophyll, protein, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Get creative with its benefits and try it in this superfood fudge mint slice or this green dream chlorella cream.

COPPER H2O | I've been reading about the benefits of drinking water out of a copper bottle, and may just have to upgrade to it from my big glass mason jar that I used to store my granola in... 

NEON SOUL | I'm already head over heels for Alex Elle's Love In My Language, and now her newest book, Neon Soul is available for pre-order. Her powerful words celebrate her triumphs over adversity and promote resilience and self-care.

SAMBA | A new line of true superfoods of sustainably sourced ingredients. Their blends are targeted towards immune strength, energy & vitality, and preventative wellness. The travel blend is genius, helping to reduce jet lag, boost immunity, ease digestion and adapt through changes in the environment. (Also, you could have a field day looking at the new goods that are in at CAP Beauty). 

LAZY SUIT | This wide leg jumpsuit, I would live in. Pretty much all you need is a hammock...and a deserted beach. 

BAKING FOR GOOD | There's a local vegan bake sale coming up and I'm considering making either these matcha frosted sugar cookies or these vanilla caramel coconut donut holes.

NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES | If you think you might have one, look for symptoms and signs and then work to correct the root issue. Both diet and lifestyle come into play.