The Collective | Grilled Peaches Two Ways, A Summer Skin Salve & Other Covetable Things

  Photo courtesy: Solful Health

Photo courtesy: Solful Health

A dreamy rendition of my favorite rosewater-infused summer tart, moringa as a blood sugar balancer, grilled peaches two ways, the jam I'm about to slather on everything, a local floral workshop and some kitchen creativity inspiring upcoming creations. 

My dear friend Kate of Solful Health made a gorgeous rendition of my Pistachio Rosewater Tart, garnished with dried rose petals, lavender and crushed pistachios. It makes a dreamy dessert or indulgent breakfast without the sugar, dairy or gluten. We promise, it's amazing. 

Good to know: five supplements to consider for those that may be suffering from endometriosis (or generally, any estrogen-dominant menstrual disorder).

MORE moringa. For blood sugar balance and a whole boatload of beneficial nutrients. 

Having a moment with grilled peaches. Love the idea of tossing them in a creamy kale & spicy crouton salad or serving as dessert with sweet vegan cream and crunchy bits.

Locals, there are only a few spots left in this floral centerpiece workshop! It's such a therapeutic and creative process to piece together your own creation and then bring it home to admire it. Also really excited about this botanical infusion workshop in September. 

Just snatched some of this Seascape Strawberry & Rose Geranium Jam and plan to schmear it on local sourdough with a thick layer of homemade cashew shroom butter (chaga, cordyceps, reishi blend). I'll report back with my thoughts.  

This. My recommended weekly quick and worthy read. A good reminder for all of us. 

Fig + Yarrow's seasonal summer selects, including these wear-every-day Ilana Kohn jumpsuits

The new PETALS + GREENS skin illuminating salve from Melissa Roussea. Ideal skin food for nourishing, hydrating, soothing, healing and supporting a glowing outer layer.

Genius creations found & bookmarked on Instagram: cacao reishi rose pudding, roasted figs with honey & sea salt, nut butter brownie truffle bites and salted honey "butter" with fresh violas

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