The Collective | Hydrosols, Probiotics & Protein Bars Three Ways



Skincare rituals for spring, probiotics for gut health, homemade seed crisps & a dip to enjoy them with, dreamy homemade protein bars without the fillers, the benefits of kelp & a simple noodle salad to make and some hidden gems in Charlottesville, VA.

The new skincare ritual that I'm loving...spritzing hydrosols into loose clay-based face masks. My favorite trio: this sandalwood hydrosol + this face mask and then following up with this facial serum. Sidenote for locals: you'll get to whip up your own face masks during our NOURISH Spring Workshop (!)

Finally tried making the green seed crisps from The Moon Juice Cookbook, but here's a recipe that's close enough if you want to avoid using a dehydrator. They're great to have around when you need something quick, savory and crunchy. I recommend pairing them with this arugula & white bean hummus. I can vouch, and the texture and taste of the white cannellini beans is a nice change from traditional chickpeas. 

I've bookmarked variations of homemade protein bars to experiment with, so that you don't have to worry about what's potentially lurking beneath the shiny store-bought wrappers. These for a dreamy pairing of chocolate & cashew, these if you're into a chewier sort of bar (with the added crunch and texture of hemp seeds) and these because they're beautiful, thanks to that raspberry top layer.

I'm resurfacing this article about the body clock reset for two reasons: 1) because spring feels like a good time to press reset and 2) women I've spoken to about it this topic seem highly intrigued. 

The new probiotic coffee that's making waves, and rightfully so, because they are the first in the world to combine extremophile probiotics with ground organic coffee. A morning ritual that many love that helps to support your gut, win win. (I'm no longer doing caffeine for hormonal reasons, but that doesn't mean that you aren't, so I share.) 

In lieu, this is the coconut water probiotic that I've been drinking like it's kombucha. I feel the beneficial effects almost instantly, and they now make frozen probiotic coconut for smoothies. Amazing for those of us that can't tolerate bananas

I finally got my hands on some kelp noodles and planning to make this simple kelp noodle salad with them. They're rich in iodine, which is super important for thyroid health, and may help regulate estrogen and estradiol levels — two hormones responsible for proper development and function of sexual organs. What that means for you? That kelp noodles may help control PMS symptoms and potentially reduce the risk of breast cancer. 

I met the lovely woman behind Willow Knows yesterday who creates gorgeous hand dyed silk textiles for the body, home, and outdoor spaces. If you find yourself in Charlottesville, definitely be sure to stop in her studio and then get a little something from The Juice Laundry before hitting the road.

In the mood for this "electric feels" dragon fruit smoothie bowl, sans the bananas. 

And finally, the podcast episode that every woman should listen to. There is so much valuable information in here regarding women's health / vaginal health.