The Collective | Thermography, Nutella Cake & Female Artists Worth Following

 Photo courtesy: Suzie's Green Kitchen

Photo courtesy: Suzie's Green Kitchen


From early breast cancer detection to that nutella cake you see above, this week's collective is a curation of things and finds that ease the mind and just make you feel...good.

How thermography may help women detect breast cancer early. 

A quickie on acupuncture, in case you haven't read quite enough about the benefits already.

This travel-friendly hygiene kit and this spring getaway kit

Eucalyptus for spa-like shower experiences and the sandalwood body scrub that you should incorporate throughout. 

The Nutella Cake and all other glorious plant-based recipes on this woman's site.

Momohiki pants, dumpling cushions and these prasarita enamel pins.

Unlearning consumerist culture / less is more, they promise.

A great piece on cellular rejuvenation that touches on a special class of anti-aging supplements, foods and herbs that rewire your body for health and longevity at the genetic level.

Three female artists worth following: Alison KunathLaura Berger and Stella Maria Baer.

And what LUNA Bar is doing to raise awareness of the gender pay gap.