The Collective | Summer Menu Staples & A Reishi Almond Butter Fixation

This week, a discussion on hormones (always, around here) + an accompanying matcha rose water tonic recipe, a mindful & local wedding incorporating female-led small businesses, summer menu staples from a beautiful food & wellness-forward blog I recently discovered, lifestyle practices for less stress & improved mood, the gorgeous mask bowls that I'm so antsy to get my hands on and a current fixation that involves thick layers of reishi almond butter.

Really loving how beautifully the Summer Issue of The Wellness Mercantile came together. Download and read the full issue here to find my discussion on hormones (and the four aspects of wellbeing that have helped me to find balance; physically, emotionally and hormonally), plus the recipe for a summertime Matcha Rose Water Tonic infused with hormone-friendly adaptogens.

"Menstrual, hormonal and reproductive health have traditionally been reserved for taboo conversation, but they deserve the spotlight, especially in today's highly endocrine disruptive society. Chemicals in our food, skincare products and the environment have contributed to toxic overload and caused many women to become estrogen dominant, leading to a steady rise of women's health issues including endometriosis, PCOS, infertility and other hormone and reproductive-related disorders. Luckily, we're beginning to see a favorable shift towards holistic practices and modalities that support a healthy menstrual cycle in addition to greater access to information surrounding natural treatments for hormone dysfunction."

This wedding was as beautiful as it was simple, with authenticity and mindfulness woven in from every angle. My dear friend and NOURISH co-creator Bethany (of Maven Made) put together this piece on planning a mindful + local-loving wedding in Richmond, Virginia. 

"We aimed to make this celebration as conscious as possible + this can translate into something different to everyone, for us it was agreeing bachelorette parties, showers + gifts were not sacred (nor necessary). It was also also ditching old + odd wedding traditions that don't sit right (garter toss, father daughter dance, ick). One of the hardest thing was establishing boundaries with family, but once those boundaries are established (earlier the better) they're set. For me, it meant not looking at one bridal magazine or blog. It also means tweaking your celebration style in all realms, for example, I was barefoot the entire night + we had crystals everywhere (our guest tables were named after crystals). You don't have to kick into The Knot mode to have a meaningful wedding experience, simply let the day reflect you + your partner in all ways, shapes + forms."

Summer menu staples for sipping, noshing & indulging: cinnamon rose horchata, a simple avocado salad and matcha marshmallows. Might I add that I just stumbled across this lady's blog, Tending The Table, the other day...and everything is beautiful. 

Six dietary and lifestyle practices for less stress and improved mood.

"So much of what we experience on an emotional, cognitive, and mental level is a result of what we are putting into our bodies. Yet, we often look elsewhere when it comes to bolstering + elevating our emotional states: we up our self-care regime, meditate more frequently, or consult a healer. All of these practices are beautiful, beneficial, and healing, but I think an important piece of mental health that so many people overlook is the diet. What we eat is intimately connected to how we feel, and much of what we perceive to be emotional imbalances actually originate and develop because of what we may (or may not) be feeding ourselves."

It's happening. Gorgeous lamps are now being made out of edible mushrooms.

"The lamps are actually made from a mixture of corn stalk and hemp that is infused with live mycelium cells, the root structure of mushrooms. (The same way that we eat apples from a tree, we eat the fruits of mycelium, which are mushrooms.) As it grows in the mold, the mycelium operates like glue, binding the loose material. The final stage, baking, damages the cells, ensuring that the lampshade won’t emit any smells or sprout more fungi."

I'M SO EXCITED. H Is For Love will soon be adding these gorgeous mask bowls to her lineup, a custom curation with that gives a nod to the Japanese art of kintsugi. 

"When a piece of pottery would break, it was custom to mend the piece and fill in the crack with gold foil. This speaks to this industry of "beauty" in such a poignant way; I had to include it as a reminder that even while engaging in rituals of beauty, we must remember that the flaws are what make us the most beautiful."

Sidenote: accompanying mask brushes will arrive soon...!

This desert quilt cover set, redefining the meaning of sweet dreams. Made from 100% bamboo rayon, each set is carefully and individually hand-dyed using a traditional Batik technique.

"A marbled design of black and nude, this print is inspired by arial views of the Earth - the formations of land, sea and clouds as seen from above. We have combined the beautiful abstract qualities of these images with the colour and dip-dye techniques of highly-skilled artisans in our Bali studio."

And finally, my latest fixation that's a spin on a childhood classic (sourced as locally as possible): Sub Rosa Bakery polenta loaf + homemade reishi almond butter using Sun Potion Reishi (recipe coming soon) + SQIRL's Seascape Strawberry & Rose Geranium Jam that I snagged from Stock Provisions. Lay it on thick, y'all.