Link Love: Pumpkin Pie Gets Boozy in NYC, Spotlight on Superfoods & The Cutest Totes

 Photo courtesy of Tasting Table

Photo courtesy of Tasting Table

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Pumpkin pie gets boozy thanks to Alphabet City cocktail bar, Pouring Ribbons. Weapon of choice? Gin. See how it all comes together here to determine if a trip over to the east side is something you'll be adding to your list this fall. 

Oh boy. If you know me well, you know my complete adoration for matcha. Well, it's about time that two brothers picked up on this fixation and opened shop on Wythe Ave in Brooklyn. Thank you dearly, MatchaBar. Try swapping your coffee for an alternative that is full of fun health benefits

Whip yourself into shape this fall by trying a new workout class or two. Well + Good NYC gives a nice rundown, from AIRbarre (barre class in the air?) to a fitness jungle gym (yes, monkey bars included). 

Spotlight on Superfoods: Learn Your New ABC's 

What do apple cider vinegar, beets and coconut oil all have in common? They're amazing superfoods that pair well in almost any fall recipe. 

Apple cider vinegar gets its popularity due to its high probiotic content and ability to alkalinize the body. It helps to improve digestion, offer relief from acid reflux and lend a hand in healthier skin and metabolic function. When combined with cayenne, it's an excellent cleansing tonic. Live in the city? Scoot over to Liquiteria to try their fall Apple Crisp Smoothie or try your own rendition at home by combining apples, almond butter, almond milk, cayenne, cinnamon, spinach, protein powder of choice, honey and a splash of apple cider vinegar.

Beets are known to have anti-inflammatory effects which may help to reduce the risk in several types of cancers in addition to protecting against heart disease. The rich pigment of beets trigger detoxification in the liver, meaning that they are a key food to eat for ongoing cleansing. They're perfect company to other fall starches like sweet potatoes and butternut squash. 

Coconut Oil. What doesn't this stuff do? Because it's composed of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), it can help to lower cholesterol, improve energy and aid in weight loss. Also excellent for immune system stimulation, this is the best time of year to toss a tablespoon into your morning smoothies to ward off bacteria. With daily consumption, you'll begin to notice the amazing results that start to happen to your skin. (Reader's note: after I began making this Cool Weather Beauty Smoothie nearly every morning last winter, I noticed that I was waking up with smoother, more hydrated skin). It's pretty amazing.

[More where this came from over at Chalkboard Mag.]

 Photo courtesy of Haven's Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Haven's Kitchen

Cute Tote. Where'd You Get It?

One can never have enough (cute) tote bags, to be used for farmers market adventures, shopping adventures in general or as a quick toss-it-all-in-there overnight bag. I'm always finding clever ones at West Elm, such as their I Heart Sweater Weather (who doesn't heart sweater weather, anyways?) and Totes Ma Goats ones that rule. 

For something simplistic, beautiful and with the ability to monogram, Baggu teamed up with West Elm to create these lovely Dipped Metallic Tote Bags

Another win for Food52 with this Eat Like A New Yorker tote. Clever sayings included: Everything bagel with a schmear, Fold your pizza in half the long way, Coffee. Regular. It means milk and 2 sugars. 

And not-to-be-missed is this amazing Breakfast Tote from Haven's Kitchen. It comes with all of your breakfast essentials including their in-house granola, buckwheat pancake mix and private label La Colombe coffee beans along with Crown Maple's medium amber maple syrup and Beth's Farm kitchen strawberry-rhubarb jam. LOVE it. 

Happiest of Thursdays! Be Well.


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