An Ode To Warm Weather (And Sweets, Just Because)

It's close, y'all. Spring and warm weather are so close and just thinking about it brings a nice big smile to my face. I've been looking for inspiration to make my new apartment feel more bright and cheerful, and so I've also come across several other cheerful bits and pieces that will allow us to embrace Spring with open arms, once it does show its beautiful face. From statement pieces and slip-ons to funfetti inspired cereal bowls and pineapple planters (and some delicious sweet treats, just because)'s a little ode to sunshine and warm days ahead.

A Cheerful Spring Closet

One of the more exciting aspects of knowing that warm weather is around the corner is being able to revisit your closet and fill it with festive, spring-like items that are light and airy and just fun in general. I've been looking all around for inspiration, and these are just a few that caught my eye.

Look to jewelry as wearable (statement) art. Because essentially, it is. It can transform any outfit, from super fancy to super casual. Loving the mix of metalwork and bright gem-like tones in this Starfall Bib Necklace.

Slip-ons are the best. Literally, the best. These Kaanas Pantmos Slip-Ons are lightweight and breathable. Plus, they're handmade in a small artisanal shop in Colombia in collaboration with a local mill. (P.S. Looking for something with a slight heel, but that still contains the same level of comfort? Then these Ankle Booties are a must.)

Think you can pull of these Ace & Jig Sailor Shorts? Then you go, girl. They've got removable suspenders, but why would you ever want to remove them? Sometimes it's nice to break out of your comfort zone and rock something a little unexpected. And heck, pair them with some ankle booties and show off those legs.

I'm in love with scarves, any time of the year. This Yellow Infinity Silk Scarf, to be exact. They are handmade, use natural dyes and inks, and come in several other beautiful shades. So easy and fun for mixing and matching. 

Etsy Finds, Continued

Finding beautiful, handmade pieces on Etsy has me jumping with joy lately. All the clever home and kitchen goodies that I've come across (or that have been recommended for me) have proven to be very rewarding. Remember, it's always the little things. 

These Herringbone Dip Trays can be used for almost anything, from serving snacks in a beautiful way to displaying some of your wearable art jewelry pieces (see what I did there?). 

Remember all those fruity pebbles you ate as a kid? It reminds me a little of these Terracotta Cereal Bowls. Or now that I think of it, funfetti! Anyhow, good to know that they're glazed with a food safe and lead free transparent shiny glaze.

And my goodness, how lovely is that watercolor-like pattern with flecks of gold on these Glacier Hand Painted Porcelain Dipping Plates? Your sea salts, spices and olive oils now have a beautiful place to hang out on your dining table! There's also fancy salad plates, bowls and espresso mugs to match, too.

And if you can't get your hands on a real pineapple just yet, then why not get yourself a permanent one? This Plaster Pineapple Pot is oh-so pretty and already comes with the plant that you see here.

Indulge Your Sweeter Side

Here's your "just because" of the day. I thought you all might be looking for something sweet. And I'll just caveat it by saying that If you're going to indulge your sweet tooth, make it worth it. Nix the refined sugars and opt for recipes (like these below) that you can make at home with natural sweeteners.

Dulce de Leche Pops, because ahhh, warmer weather really, really is in within arm's reach and these will be just perfect.

Raw Chocolate Pudding & Dessert Dukkah. "Dukkah" may not be traditional, but it is darn tasty and just the right kind of thing to sprinkle on your chocolate pudding. Rich in taste, light on the hips.

Maybe we'll get to squeeze in another snow day before we do call it quits on winter? Either way, this Banana Cream Pie is worth your while and a nice seasonal transition. 

And if none of that gets your attention, then perhaps these Chocolate CHUNK Nut Butter Blondies do?

Boy oh boy are my sweet cravings in high gear.

Happy Thursday, loves. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend & be well.

xo Allison

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