NYC Nostalgia..With a Side of Watermelon Margaritas

  Photo courtesy of the Wythe Hotel

Photo courtesy of the Wythe Hotel

I've been feeling a bit of nostalgia lately. I can't quite wrap around my head around the whys and the whats of it, but it may have a little something to do with my lack of travels this summer as compared to previous summers. Often times when I’m feeling nostalgic, it sparks the wanderlust in me, aching to get out of town and let any funky emotions that I’m hanging on to fade away. "I just need a weekend away to get it out of my system," is usually what I find myself saying. 

Recently, it’s been a weekend of frolicking around NYC that has me antsy down here in Virginia. (There and California and Costa Rica...) Among the sea of chaos that exists in Manhattan, it's those special, simple moments that I've wanted to rekindle. And for me, those moments equal quality time at some of my favorite restaurants in good company. After all, NYC is a city meant for dining well... 

So to that - whether or not you've visited the Big Apple before, I encourage you to book a weekend getaway. With a few gal friends, your significant other or just yourself - knowing that you have visitors there that would gladly spend the weekend with you. 

  Photo courtesy of the Wythe Hotel

Photo courtesy of the Wythe Hotel

Sleep well and then rise early (or snooze a tad longer) to see the sun rising over the Manhattan skyline. The Wythe Hotel has some pretty epic views, and it's okay to trade green trees for sheet metal and skyscrapers every now and again. 

  Photo courtesy of I.AM.YOU Studio

Photo courtesy of I.AM.YOU Studio

Sweat, and then sweat some more for a detox-to-retox yoga session at I.AM.YOU Studio. Their classes will ring and twist out every bit of stress and anxiety. And if you can’t quite stretch a trip up north, you can still do their killer online classes in the comfort of your own home…and sweat just as much. 

Re-fuel with a fresh-squeezed morning juice and side of avocado toast at The Butcher’s Daughter and then hit The High Line for a breezy stroll. Be sure to make your way around the cobblestone-lined streets for some of the best shopping and people watching.

After a little late afternoon rest and relaxation, scoot over to ABC Cocina for a few appetizers (looking at you, spring pea guacamole) and a round or two of their gin & coconut water cocktails.

  Photo courtesy of Pure Food & Wine

Photo courtesy of Pure Food & Wine

And then, cozy up on the beautiful patio at Pure Food & Wine for a glass of full-bodied wine and the most insane vegan lasagna that you’ll ever, ever have.

The same routine applies for the duration of your weekend. Eat, sleep, detox, repeat. 

I could continue on with California and Costa Rica, but we'll keep the nostalgia to NYC, at least for this week.

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Here's to curing nostalgia, one city (or city-less) skyline at a time...

Be well, darlings.

xo Allison

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