Thursdays + A Few Of My Favorite Things, Reads, Etc.

  Photo courtesy of Anya's Eats

Photo courtesy of Anya's Eats

Anyone else picking up on that crisp weather outside that's starting to resemble fall? It's done something to me in these past two days and I feel like a different person. Kind of that feeling like...Stella's got (or slowly getting) her groove back. (Julie Carroll if you're reading this, that one was for you.)

Thursdays are one of my favorite days to spend on the blog, compiling bits of information, recipes, beauty products, things that inspire me, things that I hope will inspire you, and simply just a place to thought purge and share whatever it is that I damn well please. Collectively, we all should be sharing more. Always!

So here, some of my favorite stumbles and finds. Because, the more you (and we) know!

Yesterday, I made homemade almond milk for the very first time. There's something about the ease of grabbing a bottle from your local store, but there's also something special about making your own version at home, and knowing exactly what goes into it. Here's a recipe to start out with

I would toss every last penny to Amelie Mancini especially for this Cactus Zipper Case. Also, I am obviously not a mama, but whew do her too-cute baby quilts do something to the female reproductive system.

And by the way, I update some of my favorite items & finds here, but have been slacking, so please expect updates soon. Like that Cactus Zipper Case. 

I've got a thing for beautiful, distressed looking area rugs, and I'm fancying Francine and Beatrix from The Woven Home. One can at least dream, right?

  Photo courtesy @moonjuiceshop

Photo courtesy @moonjuiceshop

Speaking of dreams, I had some of this Goodnight Dust before bed the other week and slept like a baby. The most restful sleep I've had in a very long time. It probably also helped that I avoided screens, but I do swear by Moon Juice shop goods. We're living in a world where Moon Milks full of adaptogenic herbs are (slowly) replacing cancer-causing sodas and soft drinks...and that's worth toasting a Moon Milk to!

My latest experiment in adaptogenic herbs is ho shou wu. I still don't know how to pronounce it correctly, but I've been blending the stuff into my morning beverages daily. Aphrodisiacs, gimme gimme. 

NAMASDRAKE. Signs of the times, my friends. How would we feel about a Fugees version of this? 

I keep reading this over and over again. If it all fit on my bathroom mirror, then that's exactly where it would go.. 

  Photo courtesy of This Rawsome Vegan Life

Photo courtesy of This Rawsome Vegan Life

I recently made a version of this lavender & lemon vegan cheesecake with some rose petals sprinkled on top and the taste in your mouth is something that can't quite be described; it must be witnessed firsthand. The best part, no baking. Whatsoever. 

Up next: Blackberry Cashew Bars

If you're up to date on Spotify, you may have seen that Bon Iver has finally released some new music. I've been listening to 22 on repeat and it has consistently been a savasana cool down song. Anyhow, the vinyl is now on presale. (This would be a good time to invest in a record player.)  

Have any of you ladies tried THINX? I love everything that they're about and just stumbled across their blog the other day. This post regarding anxiety and mental health is worthy of your time. Women are generally twice as likely to experience anxiety as men, and half as likely to report symptoms to a doctor or professional.

Skin food for your face! Have I told you all lately how much I adore H Is For Love's natural skincare products? Clean beauty revolution, here we come. Pictured above is her PROPOLIS face mask that I combined with some green tea clay mask. Here's a Q&A that I did with her in case you missed it.  

I hope your weekend feels like what that lavender & lemon cheesecake tastes like. Keep doing you and do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. 

To getting your groove back (especially with the ho shou wu)...

xx Allison

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