Feng Shui, Feminine Care + The Modern Day Farmacy

  Photo courtesy: Anthropologie

Photo courtesy: Anthropologie

October is upon us, and I've found the pants to get me through hibernation season. Hope you're staying cozy this morning and enjoy digging into some of these gems below. 

EVERYTHING BUT THE PSL | This morning I made a batch of pumpkin seed milk, I hope to nail this Pumpkin Spice Ombré Smoothie in the coming days, and then I'll made strides towards this Pumpkin & Sage Cream Sauce. Stay tuned. 

POWER OF MEDITATION | Instead of detention, meditation. And it's working. "Misbehaving kids are encouraged to sit in the room and go through practices like breathing or meditation, helping them calm down and re-center." 

MODERN DAY FARMACY | A holistic guide on beating the blues and reigniting your energy. Very helpful through this seasonal transition when days are shorter and darker.

AYURVEDIC 101 FOR VATA SEASON | Seasonal routines are tremendously powerful. I've found this article to be a wonderful and educational resource for finding balance during this autumnal vata season. 

FALL FENG SHUI | Harmonize your home by applying feng shui techniques to create balance, productivity and peace of mind.

ANTHRO FALL WINDOWS | Taking a moment to admire Anthropologie's fall windows and a little ode to the humble cactus. 

TONICS + CERAMICS | Nothing like a potent concotion/matcha/morning beverage-of-choice in a beautiful ceramic cup

UNTANGLING | Read this right now and make time to untangle, please.

FEMININE CARE | Until the industry cleans up its act, you should be aware of common chemicals in feminine care products that could be doing your body harm.

MOON TIME | Would you go au natural during your menstrual cycle? 

PERIOD-ICAL | If you aren't signed up for THINX's periodical content, then you should be. It's equal parts educational and full on laugh out loud. 

SAYING NO | As women, there's a lot of insecurity around saying NO. Read this every day as a reminder that you can. "The most powerful way to honor this time is by honoring your wellbeing, emotions, space, and self-worth above all else. There is no greater tool for this than the sheer capacity to say no."

And if you want to get goop-ey this weekend, you can join me in an attempt to make GP's Coconut Flour Pancakes

Thanks for being here and I appreciate you all. Have a lovely weekend and cheers to the new month ahead.

xx be well,