The Collective | Mocktails, Solar Infusions & One Dope Jumpsuit

So excited to share that I'm co-leading an All Senses Seasonal Flow this fall at Humble Haven Yoga. This two hour sensory experience will weave intentional elements of all five senses into the yoga practice, exploring movement, yogic breath, meditation, and restorative savasana while opening the physical, emotional, and energetic channels of the body.

Speaking of movement, this is the jumpsuit that I've been prancing around in lately (and forever will be, to be honest). 

Late summer recipe inspiration that has me approaching my kitchen endeavors in a more creative fashion. (Sage icing….le sigh, yes please.)

And with the solar eclipse on the horizon, I'm fascinated by the idea of whipping up some solar infused honey for its internal & external healing benefits. Melissa Rousseau of M. Parke Studio is one of the most wildly creative forces that I've come to know as of late, and she nails the art of creativity as medicine.

Booze-free and still damn good. Sixteen mocktails that leave you feeling bubbly, but without the hangover. (Definitely a fan of this Turmeric-Ginger Tonic with chia seeds.)

Loving the Come Back To Yourself project that Bodha Modern Wellness has started. Especially inspired by Lacy Phillips of Free + Native. She's certainly one I'd recommend following, if you don't already. 

A new kind of edible. These chocolate ganache frosted brownies are designed to wholesomely nourish your sugar cravings while reducing anxiety and promoting bliss, balance, and parasympathetic nervous system activation by way of a CBD- infusion. 

I will soon be experimenting with this Super Root Butter for a special herbal-infused smoothie collaboration. Stay tuned. (Also, reserving a jar of it to slather on these Chocolate Sweet Potato Waffles...)

I know someone going to Copenhagen soon, and when compiling recommendations for the brief time that I spent there, it created some nostalgia..that this gorgeous slow travel guide only enhanced those feelings. Jet, don't walk, to this incredible city. 

A hormone balancing nut butter & seed bark. Whether you're practicing seed cycling or not, this is worthwhile for its intentional indulgence aspects. 

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