Milk Thistle, Magnesium, Megaformers & More

  Photo credit:  with food + love

Photo credit: with food + love

Eight things to help us, as women, feel our absolute best. From what you put in, to what you put on...and pretty much everything in between.

MAGNESIUM OIL | We're all deficient in magnesium. But is taking a supplement enough

CBD ON (AND IN) MY BODY | Speaking of oil, here's a calming body oil made with plant extracts and CBD to relieve anxiety and ease physical tension. See also: CBD Vaporizers, CBD soap, and this CBD cooling stick - for all your aches and pains.

CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION | How do we foster and feed this desire to create in a world that is asking us to constantly consume? Here are five simplified strategies to quiet the noise of consumption. A new way to spring clean, so to speak.

MEGAFORMER | Hold on to your seats, ladies. If you haven't hopped on to one of these, then you're in for a body-trembling high. I experienced my first session at PLANKrva this week and am still f-e-e-l-i-n-g it.

MILK THISTLE | This natural herb has potent benefits for assisting in liver detoxification. Try a dropper of it in your bedtime elixir to help with the toxic flush that takes place while you sleep. 

EAR SWOON | These arc drop earrings. I know I just talked about conscious consumption, but I wouldn't consider these mindless consumption, as they were a handmade, intentional creative pursuit by an actual artist, not a machine made for mass production. 

DE LUNE | Meaning, Moon. For centuries, women have referred to their period as "moon time," as the female menstrual cycle naturally syncs with the phases of the moon (waxing, full, waning, new)This menstruation tonic was developed to help women experience pain-free periods and replenish important nutrients that are lost when we're on our lady cycle. 

ROSES IN BLOOM | Rose has become my preferred color and taste for spring. Historically, rose petals were used to reduce inflammation, however they're also high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Not to mention that they create a wonderfully aromatic and beautiful taste experience. Here's how to play around with them this season:

Matcha Rosé, a spring awakening for your tastebuds featuring crushed rose petals for an aromatic and aphrodisiacal morning indulgence. Plus, an accompanying recipe for an as gorgeous and delicious rose petal granola.

This bee pollen clay mask contains rose hips, hibiscus and yarrow to create a rejuvenating face treatment for weekly use. Rose kaolin clay's high iron content and essential minerals like silica and magnesium help replenish and regenerate the epidermis of the skin, resulting in a soft & glowing complexion.

Strawberry & Rose Cashew Milk is wonderful anytime you need an uplifting indulgence, especially when paired with these vegan chocolate ganache & rose donuts

And of course, the strawberry rose geranium jam from The Moon Juice Cookbook that I can't stop telling everyone about. 

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