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  Photo courtesy of Eye Swoon

Photo courtesy of Eye Swoon

Make This // Perfecting The Pumpkin

In a season of pumpkin (spice latte) this and pumpkin (spice latte) that, try experimenting with pumpkin in an unexpected way...

Instead of a vase, fill a hollowed out pumpkin with a beautiful autumn bouquet.

Make some last-minute Halloween chic pumpkins to impress guests or just to sit pretty in the windowsill or on your front doorstep. 

Instead of the typical boxed stuffing that you make for Thanksgiving, stuff a pumpkin with quinoa, mushrooms, kale, cranberries and a bit of thyme. Bonus, it serves as an edible centerpiece. 

And speaking of tradition, don't just stop at Pumpkin Pie. Take things up a notch by making Vegan Pumpkin Pie Fudge.

Peep This // For Inspiration

Dogs with Flower Crowns. Because while your flower girls and bridesmaids are certainly special, there's something about seeing your furry, four-legged friends sporting some floral pieces.

Looking for an easy breezy getaway? Mexico is calling. Here are some of the top vacation spots to use those vacation days towards...because I know that we could all use a little R&R away from our every day lives.

"What life can be for so many of us is a perpetual Halloween." Here's a quick snippet on the pros and cons to wearing a metaphorical mask. But most importantly, a reminder that you are uniquely you, and you can make a lasting impact because of it.

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Listen To This // Additions To Your Playlist

Get Up, Get On from Jill Andrews' new album The War Inside. I saw her open for The Avett Brothers last weekend and was blown away by her beautiful, powerful voice. 

More Than Nothing by Mansions on the Moon. My Discover Weekly Spotify playlists have been spot on lately, and since discovering this one, I've had it on repeat. 

Apparently by Random Rab. This one has a sexy, mysterious sound to it that can wind you back down after "one of those days."

Calming Her by Tora. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 


Have a lovely weekend, my sweet readers.

xx Allison

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