Link Love: NYC's Best Ingredients Right Now, Lunchbox Love Notes & Perfect Fall Pairings

 Photography by James Ransom, courtesy of Food52

Photography by James Ransom, courtesy of Food52

NYC Locale: Stripping Down to the Ingredients

Liquiteria has really raised the bar thanks in part to two new genius additions to their early fall menu. The Apple Crisp Smoothie is a delicious blend of apples, spinach, almond butter, vanilla almond milk, apple cider, protein powder, honey, cinnamon and cayenne pepper. You may read the ingredients and think hmm..not so sure about this one, however I've witnessed that kid-on-Christmas-morning look on many others' faces when they took their first sip. The cayenne gives it a nice bite that complements the other sweeter ingredients very well. I'll be trying my own take on this for #SmoothieMondays. This shall do until they (hopefully) launch their Pumpkin Pie Smoothie later this fall.

 Photo courtesy of Liquiteria

Photo courtesy of Liquiteria

And then we have their Acai Parfait. Like a PB&J in parfait form...back to school for grown-ups? Thanks to this clever chalkboard illustration for the delicious ingredient break down. They have locations in East Village, USQ, Chelsea and a new spot opening in the West Village this fall. You must try it all!

 Photo courtesy of Hands On Studio

Photo courtesy of Hands On Studio

And finally, wouldn't you New Yorkers like to know how to make your own skin care and beauty products with food based materials & basic kitchen ingredients? Sounds intriguing, just like this turmeric face mask, doesn't it? A new hands-on studio (that I've mentioned before) has opened in Williamsburg and is hosting a fantastic and creative lineup of classes this fall. The next Kitchen Cabinet Skincare class is on 9/25. Catch me there or check out their other classes and find whatever tickles your fancy. 

A Happier Lunch Hour [Thanks to Food52]

My boss told me that her oldest daughter has recently been loving the hand written notes that she sneaks into her school lunches. It brought back memories of when my mom wrote me little messages on napkins and stuffed them inside my brown paper bag lunches. Now, Food52 is making this childhood tradition even cuter with these animal lunchbox notes from their Provisions line. This other set has some really cute notes too, like "Don't forget to eat nature's candy" and "I love you this much" with a lobster ready to give a big hug. I hope sweet traditions like these never go out of style.

For another creative idea, I am all on board with this Bon Appetit, Let's Eat! lunchbox. Open it up to special chalkboard message and there you have it, day made. Excellent gift for a niece or nephew, or anyone you know that may appreciate something fun and unique like this!

They've also upgraded the brown paper bag lunch for us adults. These waxed canvas lunch totes have a simple, modern and timeless look - not to mention those neat antique brass zippers. 

Perfect Fall Pairings

Fix yourself a perfectly spiced chai latte & enjoy it in this double walled lace and knit cup. Hug in a mug. Check check!

Dine a little more elegantly at least one night out of the week thanks to this gold-dipped flatware & savor each bite on these lovely fall-inspired forest walk plates

A Pumpkin Chai Smoothie & Pumpkin Pie Chia Seed Pudding Parfait. Because quite honestly, is there anything much better? 


Happy Thursday & Be Well.


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