Love Notes To NYC, Mermaid Bowls (Not Mine) + Music To Do The Yoga To

First things first. I am not one to get political, as I don't keep up as I should and tend to steer clear of those types of conversations. I'm pretty vocal and passionate about other things, but politics is not one of them. But can I just say, what a time to be alive as WOMEN. Women are on the R I S E and we're finally stepping into our power, breaking through those glass ceilings & not afraid to use our voices to ask for and get what we need. Feminine energy is such a powerful and beautiful thing. We must not be shy; we must live out-loud, declare our truths and respect ourselves and each other for the amazing beings that we are. You know who said it best. When they go L O W, we go H I G H.

Step 1: Begin your mornings with breath of fire. That's how above-like thought purges make their way out (among a laundry list of other benefits).  

I just got back from spending time in NYC and lucky for me, I wasn't there for work and didn't have any major responsibilities, but was there to play and simply be, spending my time freely. Meeting amazing people that are doing amazing things and playing a little game of yoga roulette; hopping around from studio to studio to take classes with former teachers, new teachers and friends. 

Following that, I spent nearly a week on retreat out in Montauk with Fern Langham and Alyson Charles. And wow. Potent. Feminine. Energy. I am already well aware of it, but retreats like that are a constant reminder. 

SO. Before I get too wordsmith on you (this is essentially turning into a full-fledged post), we'll dive into the purpose of what these weekly mini-posts are meant to be about: sharing fun finds and the like that have inspired me, in order to further inspire you. Since NYC was a journey that inspired me and fresh on my mind, I'll share some of the things that are happening there which you may find amusing.

But first, or I guess now second, here's what you may have missed since I've been in a typing frenzy since I returned:

Preparing To Take Flight // Prepping for Yoga Teacher Trainings & Retreats; a collaboration with Eli Keaton. You can read her prep tips here

Matcha & Mask // A Conversation with Bee Ham of H IS FOR LOVE on holistic skincare & nourishment from the inside out, and outside in. (Be sure to comment on the post for a chance to snag a jar of her amazing PROPOLIS Regenerative Face Mask!)

Now on to the links....!

When in NYC

The city remains the same as I remember it in all of its beauty and chaos, however there are of course many new things that have popped up since I left it. So, I declare these as a few must-do things in terms of movement, nourishment & self-care while you're there (or, just be inspired and play pretend). 


Sky Ting Yoga, a top floor sun-drenched studio in Chinatown with disco balls, life-size giraffes and a mini apothecary behind check-in.  

New Love City, my boss lady friend Jen's AMAZING Greenpoint studio with a fancy couch, customized drum set, rooftop access (if you're lucky), plenty of plants & savasana under skylight windows.

Y7 Studio, where candlelight yoga, heat and hip hop beats make for a soul cleansing sweat. 

Beauty & Self-Care

CAP Beauty, a holistic beauty haven. Their facial treatments smell like cacao smoothies and the walls are flooded with adaptogenic herbs. You must, must treat yourself to The Facial and walk away with their stone-ground coconut butter

P.S. Their recipe for Summery Kelp Noodles with Matcha + Cashew Cream...sweet goodness yes. 


Dimes NYC, for brunch or a pick-me-up, like their Carob Acai Bowl or Lavender Peach Coconut Chia from the deli. 

Cafe Henrie, for Dragon Bowls, Acai Bowls and Gypsy Salads. 

Bluestone Lane, especially their new location on Carmine. Avocado toast, avocado toast, avocado toast. They whip it up with tahini and it's beyond. And they just debuted their new summer menu which includes Chia + Smoothie Parfaits, Chilled Coconut Quinoa Porridge wrapped within a fresh papaya boat, Green Goodness Bowls and PB+J Waffles. Have Mercy. 

Plant Love

The Sill, for beautiful plants and succulents of all kinds. Eat at Cafe Henrie and then bop on over to this cute space, even just to admire all the plant love and learn a thing or two from the helpful staff. The succulents make great gifts for the loved ones that you're crashing with. I learned what a Monstera Deliciosa was, their current plant of the month. Translation: Delicious Monster. 

Further East

Bhumi Farms Farm Stand, for when adventures take you even further out towards the Hamptons and Montauk. Get some local organics, like their delicious donut peaches and fresh bluebs. 

Caravan, for their signature terroir bowls, buckwheat & chocolate chip banana bread and fresh tonics (like turmeric + pineapple sage)

Yoga Playlist

Truth, we did yoga on Bhumi Farms while on retreat in Montauk, as seen above. But anyways, on to the music that's been inspiring me & landing a spot on my recent yoga playlists.

Surprise Yourself // Jack Garratt

Wake Up // Chelsea Cutler

Valley of Gardens // Teen Daze

Come On // Mikhael Paskalev

Waiting (PAL Remix) // Alice Boman

Fever To The Form // Nick Mulvey

Take Care // Beach House

It's Alright // Majik

Let It Go // Fe

  Photo courtesy: Anni Kravi (@anniskk)

Photo courtesy: Anni Kravi (@anniskk)

Spotted On Instagram

I'll just go ahead and confess that it's all food, trending towards mostly indulgent things thanks to current hormonal highs and cravings. Just can't help myself, so I'm sharing the sweet love. Maybe one day I'll actually make one of these. Until then, I'll just keep tapping that red heart. 

Good Morning Mermaid BowlPictured above, this woman is a smoothie bowl queen. Edible art, so pretty that you (almost) don't want to eat it. 

Vegan Snickers Cheesecake with Cookie Dough Balls. The answer to life's little stresses, maybe? Deprivation not allowed here. 

Frozen Raw Matcha Mint Chocolate Swirl Latte. Because a basic matcha latte is no longer enough. 

Mostly Raw Pistachio Rose Tart. Let's just say that Alison Wu is some sort of recipe + food photography goddess.

Salted Caramel, Macadamia + Rosemary Cups. A genius combination that you'd never expect to work, but does, does, does on so many levels. 

Spelt Vegan Baked Donuts dipped in Chocolate Glaze. No explanation needed. 


Here's to hoping your day is as amazing as you are. Thank you for reading, for coming back, for being on this journey with me. I love you, I love you, I love you.

xx Allison 

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