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Boketto's arrival to Richmond, Virginia is just a small testament to how hungry this local community is for deep nourishment in every way. Just as I thought that travels to New York and California would be my only opportunities to indulge in high quality self-care, this wholesome wellness boutique + modern apothecary marked its territory in the heart of the Fan District. Jelena, owner of Boketto, has not only quickly made me feel like family, but has already sprinkled her knowledge and inspiration all over this place. She made a considerably generous donation towards our most recent NOURISH Workshop, supplying all of the adaptogenic herbs that went into our special Women's Blend. 

From natural beauty and skincare to modern herbs and supplements, Jelena has hand-selected every product with intention, love and wellness in mind. While most people have their favorite local coffee shop, I've called this place my homebase, where I'm typically found occupying the sunny nook (next to shop dog Ollie) with ashwagandha-infused lattes, among other things.

This bright, beautiful and loving little nook on N. Vine has had its doors quietly open since Valentine's Day, however the grand opening takes places tomorrow, and in the spirit of celebrating all that is good here in Richmond, I'm sharing my top fifteen little wellness luxuries/necessities (however you look at it) that deserve your love and investment towards the commitment to your long-term health. Do drop in if you're in the area and prepare to leave with a full heart and some mind-blowing holistic products in tow.  

Anima Mundi Liver Vitality | A nutritionally dense daily liver cleanser that assists in the body's natural detoxification process and helps to improve digestion. As women, it's especially important to keep the pathways of the liver clear to more efficiently metabolize excess estrogen in the body. Great in liquid elixirs such as smoothies and nut milks, but equally as easy to sneak into your homemade treats (re: avocado brownies). 

Bodha Aromatherapy Eye Pillow | Infused with calming scents of lavender and chamomile, this evening accessory will ease muscle tension in the eyes and face while helping to lull you into a restful night's sleep. A wonderful and wise tool to bring with you while traveling to block out nighttime city lights and residual jet lag. 

CAP Beauty Coconut Butter | Oh my my. This love in a jar has been put through a stone-grinding process that preserves the coconut’s nutrients and flavor, with the end result of a silky smooth texture that will likely blow your mind. Just one daily scoop of the butter by itself, in smoothies or warming tonics will provide you with essential fat and fiber while helping to balance your blood sugar levels so that you don't get the hangries in between all your to-dos. 

De Lune Menstruation Tonic | This stuff is a saving grace for days 1 & 2 of the female menstrual cycle. Rather than popping a pill, this palatable yet potent tonic eases periods cramps and pain while replenishing the body with essential nutrients. It's hands down one of my top recommended moon time essentials. Period power!

H Is For Love POLLEN Illuminating Mist | Really, you can't go wrong with anything from H, however there's something quite special about POLLEN. Uplifting as a morning face mist or anytime toner, this delicate floral blend of essential oils + rose hydrosol + aloe + witch hazel softens and evens skintone while providing anti-inflammatory and astringent benefits. My personal recommendation for optimal use: sun + sand + saltwater + POLLEN. 

Humble Ceramics Matcha Pot | Everyone has their favorite morning mug, and this happens to be mine. Their line of ceramics is simply gorgeous, with no one piece being the same. And what you choose to put in your ceramic may extend well beyond matcha, so let creativity be your morning ritual. Here's a Matcha Rosé to start, featuring crushed rose petals + herbal support. 

Jade Roller | This fancy little green facial tool is like the icing on top of your in-home spa date. The coolness of the jade on your face + the rolling action helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage, release sinus congestion, improve circulation, reduce puffiness and tone facial muscles. So yes, that means fine lines and wrinkles. I kid you not, I've woken up with it next to me. I love it first thing in the morning because it's a nice excuse to stay buried in your sheets while doing something pretty effortless for improved skin.  

Maven Made Lymphatic Body Elixir | This local maven's latest creation is the extra love that your body has been looking for. The potent blend of fatty oils, essential oils and herbs nourish the body's lymphatic system, which is responsible for flushing out toxic buildup and keeping the immune system strong. The body elixir can be massaged right on the skin, with a focus on the thighs, stomach, armpits and booty, or included in the self-care ritual of dry brushing. 

Monk Oil City Skin Potion No. 2 | No matter what city you live in, your skin could surely use some of this magic. It contains a triple rose formula of rose essential oil, California wild rose flower essence and rose quartz crystal, along with sage, avocado and apricot kernel oils to uplift, purify, nourish and hydrate. I'll dab a bit of this on my wrists just so that I can smell myself all day. 

Moon Juice Blue Adaptogen Protein | Any of the Moon Juice plant-based protein blends are excellent, however I personally favor this one due to its anti-inflammatory effects from the combination of Blue Majik + chia seeds + tocotrienols. It makes anything that you put it into turn a lovely share of turquoise, like the glaze on these matcha cacao truffles. With this stuff, a simple morning shake will sustain you: blue adaptogen + homemade nut milk + optional nut butter. Blend and go. 

Shaman Shack Women's Complete | Anything that is crafted specifically for women's health, especially hormonal / reproductive, I will get right behind. Jelena introduced this line to me and my goodness, this stuff is incredible. Women's Complete assists the body with healthy metabolism, weight management, blood production, fertility, skin and youthfulness. How's that for a teaspoon of life-changing magic in your morning cuppa? 

Sun Potion He Shou Wu | This golden rejuvenation tonic is another one for the ladies, as it promotes longevity, supports sexual and reproductive function and nourishes the skin, hair and nervous system. My favorite way to enjoy it is blended in with warm cashew milk, coconut butter and ashwagandha. 

Wildcare Soft Focus Coconut Milk Mask | One thing we could all be doing more of: face masks. This feathery milk mask is infused with pearl, pineapple extract and white kaolin clay to soothe and moisturize even the most sensitive skin. Best when combined with any of their hydrosols, but I did a little blending of it with H's Regenerative Face Mask and then propped my legs against a wall and put a heating pad on my belly for about 15 minutes. Mini spa evenings are non-negotiable for me.   

Wildflower CBD Cool Stick | For quick relief for muscle, back and joint pain, this is your new go-to, not that Icy Hot stuff. CBD has been researched for quite some time for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits, but is only now surfacing as a legitimate natural remedy. Rightfully so. 

Zenbunni Chocolate | Anything that I find along Abbot Kinney in Santa Monica, I'll probably love, hence these chocolates. I favor the Kathmandu Chai, a blend of raw cacao + ashwagandha + tulsi + vanilla + chai spices to help take off that edge and also cure PMS. Although, you might need a whole box for that. Also, you'll probably want to sneak away with a jar of their Gheenache. I'll let you be the one to conjure up the words for that stuff yourself. 

Boketto, we are so, so glad that you are finally here in Richmond. Thank you, and with love from the inside out.