Let's Talk About It

Two consistent weeks in a row, look at that. So much to share, so many things to link!

This week is all about nourishment for your body & mind, through delicious recipes (as I always like to include) and educational bits so that you leave here with valuable pieces of information that you may not have otherwise known or heard about. And of course, as always, a few one-offs here and there...just because. 

  Photo courtesy of The Chalkboard Magazine

Photo courtesy of The Chalkboard Magazine

Well Served

Whether you're looking to nourish yourself or your summertime guests, these seasonally inspired dishes & treats will keep you (and them) humming right along. 

Indulge in these summer sunset (parfaits) in a jar, made with coconut cream, fresh papaya and strawberries. 

Experiment with macrobiotics and learn how to build a balanced plate. It's like feng shui for your digestive system & inner balance. 

Give you inner child (or, your actual child) a bar of gold with these hippy dippy raw cacao & hempseed lunchbox bars. 5 ingredients? OKAY, no problem. Invitation from the creator for more appropriate adult use: crumble them up onto morning smoothie/acai bowls or simply combine with fresh fruit and nut milk for a healthy "rawnola" option. I also love slathering freshly made almond butter on them for a morning pick me up or pre-workout boost.

  Photo courtesy of Eli Keaton

Photo courtesy of Eli Keaton

Let's Talk About...

Your thyroid. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught my recent post about my dear friend Fern Langham & her incredible journey of self-healing & recovery from Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. Do your reading to learn more about the signs of a thyroid condition, natural ways to support your thyroid & consider signing up for her brand new MindBodyGreen class series Thyroid Yoga: Holistic Health Practices, Postures & Self-Care Rituals to Restore Vibrant Health

Your sex drive. Doesn't matter if you're married, single, "it's complicated" etc, but there's some valuable info in there about what could be hurting it and how to help rev it back up. Also, Alisa Vitti is the queen of all things hormones. [I'm reading her book Woman Code right now and it's opened up my eyes to so many things about the female menstrual cycle.]

Adaptogenic Herbs. In other words, an herb haven of magic potions that assist in your daily detox, immune function, hormonal balance, and yes, even your sex drive. Ashwagandha & cordyceps every damn day, you hear me? 

On a similar note, everyday ayurvedic practices. Start with one or two, notice how you feel, and continue to add more into your daily routine. 

Travel, jet lag and your cycle. (Someone must be hormonal this week) 

Cutting down on the junk. The digital junk, that is. 

  Photo courtesy of SAMAYA

Photo courtesy of SAMAYA

And like I said, just because there are more gems to share....

A cloud-like seat to support your sweet little bum while you meditate.

A new & beautiful way to slowly sip your morning beverage of choice. Hello marbled morning matchas. 

A new way to cook, in this sassy little maxi apron

Scents for your sign. My fellow June/Cancer bugs, I spy some Vanilla & Sandalwood candle burning in our near future. 

And that's all I got for today. I'm going slightly off the grid to the west coast for a nice, relaxing 4th, but I can't wait to see what inspires me & lights my creative spark while out there. Hopefully it turns into a new set of posts to share with all of you when I return. 

I hope you safely enjoy fireworks, eat amazing things, witness beautiful sunsets, get some solid sleep & breathe e a s y. 

Be well & happy early 4th. 

xx Allison