Hidden Sugars, Sounds of Spring + Dreams of Amangiri

  Photo courtesy: Amangiri

Photo courtesy: Amangiri

Well, I have certainly played my part in abandoning this nook for bit. My energy and time has been focused elsewhere more recently, but it feels good to know that good things are in the works, and that this will always be here. So we do whatever we need to do to take care of ourselves, and then we keep going.

With the political spectrum taking front and center as soon as our eyes hit the screen, there's comfort and ease (and maybe less of a furrowed brow) when your destination can be one that feels uplifting and educational and with some flair and a healthy appetite. That's what I hope to continue to do here. It's important to stay well informed on the political spectrum (and use our voices), one-hundred percent absolutely, but it's great to have a space where you feel a sense of consciousness and wellbeing. Because your wellbeing should come first, always. Keep educating yourself on the matters that are most important to you and your health. 

Here, ten things I've rounded up to share with you. In case you were curious.

AMANGIRI | I've been dreaming of this place since my eyes landed on it. Aside from being a beautiful place to rest your head at night (and quite luxuriously, at that), Amangiri itself is at the intersection of Utah and Arizona, so you can explore both Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon all in one trip.

BOKETTO | I am so very excited for this holistic wellness space and elixir bar to open its doors in Richmond, VA. This has been a long time coming and will be a welcomed addition to the neighborhood of growing and thriving small businesses and wellness practitioners. And, they'll be carrying some personal favorites, Sun Potion and Moon Juice, among many other consciously-derived products and goods.

BUTTER ME UP | When peanut, or even almond butter just doesn't cut it anymore, there's bioavailable butter. Maca, mushroom and shatavari, to be exact. Liz Smithers of Eli Keaton, Kauai-based beauty and brains, has been pouring her heart into this plant-chemistry. Liquid gold for your mind, body and soul, one sexy spoonful at a time.

CONSCIOUS CITY GUIDE | A roundup of places in NYC that I admire for their conscious approach. The first of hopefully many guides that I'll share as I travel in search of wellness, from east to west and everywhere in between. Please, please do yourself a favor and get vegan cheese and coconut bacon in your crepe at Little Choc Apothecary when you're in Brooklyn. Very important.

HIDDEN SUGARS | They're likely lurking somewhere in your pantry and may be disguised as "healthy" (i.e. beet sugar), so print this list of what to avoid when possible, and instead consider the alternatives. Sugar wreaks havoc on your hormones and feeds disease, so try easing off as a commitment to your long-term health. And if you're not convinced, maybe this

NUT ALLERGIES IN-FLIGHT | Airlines, please get with the times. More and more children are developing nut allergies, and I believe that we are overdue in finding something else that can be served to passengers for the health and wellbeing (and consideration) of all. 

PASS THE TOCOS These flakes of gold (that are actually white in color, but whatever) contain concentrated doses of vitamins D and E, good for taming inflammation and improving your skin. Best part, they have a flavor profile similar to vanilla ice cream. Try it in this tonic with a little CBD oil for an attitude adjustment and PMS remedy.

SOUNDS OF SPRING | I know it's only February and we're still in the thick of winter (at least here on the east coast), but September Fields by Frazey Ford gives me hope for warm, sunny days ahead. It's on repeat, in case you were wondering.

SUPPLEMENTAL | Could you use a boost from these 5 supplements for improved mood and mental health?

WEEKEND SLICE | This pizza. With cashew cheese. And homemade pesto. And greens. And hemp seeds. See what I mean by coming here with a healthy appetite? You can still have you pizza and eat it, too.  

That is all. Take care of yourselves & be well. 

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