Sweet Potatoes, Bodysuits & Gettin' Hygge.

  Photo courtesy: Faring Well

Photo courtesy: Faring Well

How we are halfway through September is beyond me, but that's way out of our control so we'll just keep on cruising. Weekly links covering all kinds of territory this week. Enjoy. xx

First things first, Anthropologie's fall house and home collection. Look but don't touch, but my goodness it's beautiful, as expected.  

On eating intuitively and aligning ourselves with what we need to be fully nourished. 

The sugar conspiracy is real and the truth is finally coming out that the sugar industry spent millions to influence health studies in the 1960s. (HOW IS THIS OKAY?) 

Yep, we're going here. Healthy poops for the win. 

This bodysuit, these leggings and this collaboration that's getting all the attention lately. Your yoga wardrobe, complete. 

Speaking of yoga, if you're thinking about your next (or first) retreat, this site is full of amazing ideas + my thoughts on preparing for one

This song on repeat. It's got that breezy summer to fall vibe.

A breakfast shake without bananas! (And why this excites me.)

Golden Milk Lattes paired with a wholesome dessert bar that'll make ya SWOON.

When restrictions inspire creativity: this under $30 copper pipe wardrobe idea is both functional and easy on the eyes. 

Last week I briefly mentioned the KonMari method that's been made famous by Marie Kondo, but here's a real authentic response to it

And finally, a spotlight on eating in season a la sweet potatoes:

Breakfast baked sweet potatoes, but it'd be better if you make them breakfast-in-bed baked sweet potatoes. With a thick drizzle of almond butter…ooo girl yes!

Thai-style and stacked high

And I mention this recipe every fall (yet to make it), but will keep sharing it and talking about it because just the sound of Big Comfy Sweet Potatoes with Red Blanket Sauce gives me the cozies. Grab some cashmere socks and get hygge

Move your body and surround yourself with those who inspire you & that you love this weekend. Full moon and mercury in retrograde, so take things slow and be gentle with yourself.

xx be well


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