Give Them A Listen: Female Voices on the Rise

The power of a female voice is quite amazing. And when it comes to music, a talented female singer and songwriter can spark heavy emotion and tug your heart strings or simply hit your ears as a lighthearted tune that eases your mind. Today I am not talking about Taylor Swift. I am talking about under the radar, highly unique and talented gems. 

Thanks to Spotify's discover tool as well as some stumbling around on my own, I've quickly been able to expand my music palate and flood it with some worthy new tunes from some incredible ladies that are easy on the ears. So if you're reading this from your desk, push aside that to-do list for the next fifteen minutes or so and give these gals a good listen. If you're in that much of a hurry, skip way down to where you can find a link to a playlist that I've curated on Spotify.

Tessa Rose Jackson is a singer/songwriter based in Amsterdam. I first learned about her after watching this inspiring video from Like Knows Like, an independent documentary side-project admiring incredible talent all over the globe.

"What distinguishes her from her contemporaries is the nature of her songs: often written, arranged, produced and performed by Jackson alone in the small studio she’s built at home, they are, put succinctly, unusually worldly wise, and sound little like the work of someone so young." 

Listen to: Lost And Found, Now I See, Again and Again

Diane Birch is a singer/songwriter/pianist based in Brooklyn, NY. She was discovered in 2006 by Prince while playing piano at the Beverly Hills Hotel, jammed at Daryl Hall's house, sang with the Roots on Jimmy Fallon, opened for Stevie Wonder and became a fixture in the Brooklyn music scene - more in this interview with Rolling Stone

"I really love the kind of tracks you can cry to on the dance floor," says Diane Birch. "There's a rejoicing, a liberation, and a baring of your soul." That marriage of darkness and light, of pain and abandon lies at the core of 'Speak A Little Louder,' Birch's first new album in four years. It's a captivating and deeply moving record; a window into her complex and challenging journey into womanhood documented with intense emotional honesty, indelible melodies, and rousing hooks."

Listen to: Speak A Little Louder and Nothing But A Miracle

Hannah Gill is a Maryland based songstress with mature vocals and extensive range.

"Hannah’s voice brings to mind soulful performers such as Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Rey, and Kate Nash. Her uncommon vocal talent combined with a wisdom and maturity in her young age is what sets Hannah apart."   

Listen to: I Feel Awake, Evergreen and this live version of Love and Glory at Rockwood Music Hall.

Ruby the RabbitFoot is based in Athens, Georgia and considers her genre pop/folk/jungle.

"Around the age of 13, she picked up a guitar and started writing songs of her own. Five years later, Ruby was under the lights at an open mic night, riding the buzz of performing live. Nevertheless, her visual talents prevailed and she soon found herself in college as an art student. But art school never seemed to fit. Ruby bounced around from college to college, writing and recording at home throughout the whole ordeal. “Eventually, I decided that I wanted to spend all of my time making music.”

Listen to: New As Dew, Ways and Obsession

If you're on Spotify, I've created a special little playlist called Female Voices On The Rise that you can follow and listen to as much as you'd like. These sweet, free-spirited tunes are bound to get you through the work week as well as that spring cleaning/dancing semi-naked around your house kind of mood.

Are there any new female voices that you've listened to recently that you absolutely love? Share in the comments below!

Listen well & be well,

xo Allison