A Focus On Empowerment & Movement

I sat down to write this weekly roundup (which I have neglected for far too many months) with no idea about what I wanted my content to shape into. But once I fixated my thoughts on all of the amazing things have been manifesting around me, the ideas and words just starting pouring out. 

There has been a heightened sense of empowerment taking place, in both the things that I'm reading, watching and doing. This seasonal shift is creating some pretty amazing energy and it's high time that we all jump right in and get our feet good and wet. 

I encourage you to focus the coming months around empowerment and movement. Together, the effects are magnetic and you'll feel a new wave of energy start to take over as new opportunities unfold right before your eyes. Feast your mind, body and soul first. From there, everything will just flow.

Cozy up with some self-empowering reads.

Digging into a guilty pleasure by Mindy Kaling or Aziz Ansari every now and again is nice, but with a growing movement around self- empowerment, it's time to dig deep and do some soul-searching. We need to be challenged in order to thrive and must unleash our creativity in order to find our true purpose in life. 

I've been keeping a lookout for some self-empowering books to snuggle up with during the long, cold nights ahead and suggest the following for you to add to your collection (or borrow from me when I'm done):

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All by Tom & David Kelley.

Daring Greatly (my current read) as well as Rising Strong by the amazing Brene Brown.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. My mentor Jennifer Kass just shared a beautiful post with Well + Good on how this book completely changed (and charged) her life

And don't listen to any nay-sayers that may try to tell you that these are "self help" books. They're likely very insecure or too afraid to show a little vulnerability.

  Photo courtesy of Darling Magazine

Photo courtesy of Darling Magazine

Meet the women that are making (tidal) waves. 

We should feel so honored to live during a time where women are finally speaking up, finding their voice in this world, tapping into their true passion and creating waves to better society as a whole along the way. 

  Photo courtesy of Darling Magazine

Photo courtesy of Darling Magazine

When I was playing catch-up on Darling Magazine's latest blog posts, I stumbled across this one spotlighting Tory Jones of Ixchel Triangle, a company that makes some of the most beautiful bags that directly give back to families in Guatemala with every purchase. Their artisans are paid above-market wages for their talents and receive a portion of the proceeds. On what Tory believes distinguishes her company from other socially and ethically-minded companies: 

"I would rather fail at business and be proud of the way I conducted myself than have a hugely successful business and lose my moral compass." 

  Photo courtesy of Thrive Magazine

Photo courtesy of Thrive Magazine

And now, meet Daphne Cheng. I am so fortunate to personally know this amazing woman and I hope that the entire world recognizes her talent and beauty, both inside and out. She is true a pioneer in haute, plant-based cuisine with a creative vision and culinary execution that challenges the status quo -- believing that vegetables can and should be the centerpiece of a meal.

She is quickly building a culinary & wellness empire (better known as Exhibit C) that is a curation of classes, events and dinners that feed the mind, body and soul. As her sister explains, think of it as a supper club meets TED talks meets mini holistic retreats. Delicious. Read her latest on how to cook squash and take a look back at my incredible first experience at her former dinner & event space, Suite ThreeOhSix. 

Ladies, slip on your Keds and start making your own waves in the world! We're in good company, and it's now or never. 

  Photo courtesy of The Chalkboard Magazine

Photo courtesy of The Chalkboard Magazine

Get MOVE-ing this Movember. 

Ta-tas in October and 'staches in November. Just because us ladies can't grow one next month, we can still show our support.

Since moving to Richmond, I've found a home yoga practice to be truly satisfying. So naturally, I was beyond pleased to see The Chalkboard Magazine discussing ways to elevate your home yoga practice.  Take a cue and then sign up for Movember Foundation's 30-day MOVE challengeMindfulness and movement are two things that I absolutely adore, and when supporting a good cause by doing so, all the better. 

And look sexy while doing it, even if it's just for you. Because why not. I SWOON over Free People's FP Movement line of activewear and honestly never considered practicing in a bodysuit...until I came across this little number. Also admiring this infinity bra, these leggings as well as Alo Yoga's Goddess Leggings

And now, I'm going to shuffle my way on over to my mat and kickstart this morning with some m-o-v-e-m-e-n-t and empowerment. Your turn.

Be well,

xx Allison


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