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  Photo courtesy: Renee Byrd of Will Frolic For Food

Photo courtesy: Renee Byrd of Will Frolic For Food

It's Thursday, it's a new month, there's a new moon in Virgo and Mercury is in retrograde: There's a lot happening, however we're here for the links.

But first, a quick thought and maybe you agree or disagree. I've never really understood articles and content focused around topics like: The Lazy Girl's Guide to Exercising. I think, just don't exercise. And when you're feeling it, then do. There's no need to half-ass something if you're not in the mood. That's why I dedicate one day a week to bundling up some of my favorite finds that I feel worthy enough to get your full ass behind, from tangible things to informative wellness reads meant for knowledge and sharing. 

Maybe you saw my brief post the other day about the steady removal of bananas from my diet (sheesh, girl...what's next), but I saw this Electric Feels Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl and it sounded way too good to not share with you all. Have at it, and always add or subtract based on your preferences. 

What am I eating more of these days, then? Eggs (preferably organic, pasture-raised and served sunny side up), grilled salmon and brussels sprouts. More on WHY to come, including my reasoning for no longer labeling my diet. 

These candles you need in your life. "The pure botanical oils we use create a smell that's woodsy, floral, herbal, or all three, depending on the candle. Our fragrance profiles won't smell like "pumpkin coffee" or "leather campfire", because we never use cheap, synthetic fragrance oils and additives." Since pumpkin everything season is upon us, that made me laugh. Smart people. Can't wait to get my hands on a Lil' Snuggler. 

  Photo courtesy: Amy Chaplin via The Chalkboard Mag

Photo courtesy: Amy Chaplin via The Chalkboard Mag

I'm not going to be shy about getting a head start on fall, especially if that means kitchen experiments with my favorite seasonal flavors. Currently eyeing these savory sweet potato + quinoa muffins from Amy Chaplin's gorgeous cookbook: At Home In The Whole Food Kitchen. Had my eye on them last season, but maybe I'll actually pull through with them this year. Someone please hold me accountable. 

  Photo courtesy: Quiet Town

Photo courtesy: Quiet Town

Love, love, love a good outdoor shower, so I had an instant attachment to this company and their gorgeous organic canvas curtains and hand-woven bath rugs. All about bringing those outdoor shower vibes in. 

Let's no longer be shy about our hormones and start getting real by educating ourselves. I found this checklist to be extremely informative. It's a constant journey trying to balance those things, the estrogen and the progesterone, so the more information that we are exposed to, the better. At least I truly believe so. Also, buy and read this book and try this simple technique every day. Take notice on how you feel. 

Adaptogenic herb spotlight: Ashwagandha, since we're already on the topic of hormones. There are many, many potent benefits if you use just a little bit of it consistently over time. Research it and then try a teaspoon daily in your morning beverage. 

Know your tampons! Yes, we're going here. "The typical tampon is made with viscose rayon, a highly absorbent synthetic material created through a chemical-heavy process and then bleached to achieve a bright white cotton-y appearance.Since tampons are classified as a class 2 medical device, the FDA does not require tampon manufacturers to conduct studies or disclose the ingredients in their products. In other words, you have no idea what’s being put directly inside your body." Knowledge is power, so make the switch for the sake of your own health. 

It might be a hefty $245 dollars (that's a whole lot of grocery trips), but if this bodysuit were the only thing I wore for the rest of my life, then the investment might be well worth it. 

Have any of you ladies received Anthropologie's fall catalog yet? I'm loving the visual aesthetic and spotlight on natural skincare. They have a new section on their website under the beauty section: Ingredient Conscious. Into it. 

Enjoy the long weekend and take care of yourself.

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