Bake The Kabocha, Eat The Quinoa, Vitamin D + Repeat

  Photo courtesy: Free People

Photo courtesy: Free People

This week's roundup covers everything from proper supplementation + breast health to fall recipes that will have you eating over the stove + songs on repeat that have a different tone than the ones you'd hear, say, during savasana. 

SUPPLEMENTAL | Two of the most important supplements that you should be taking now: Magnesium and Vitamin D. Both are fundamental in supporting optimal hormonal health, among a long list of other essential roles that they play in the body. 

BREAST HEALTH | In honor of breast cancer awareness month and for the sake of our own breast health, let's educate ourselves on what we can do to better support them

NUCIFERA | So many women keep praising this balm which apparently is a miracle in a jar that contains all-over healing properties. 

PUDDING FLOW | How good does this sound? Yoga + chocolate…two necessities in life. If you're based in NYC, run don't walk to reserve your spot because Liza and both Emily's leading this are amazing.  

FALL KITCHEN ENDEAVORS | Kabocha Squash + this Pine Pollen Quinoa Salad + Cashew Curry Tahini Butter on everything. 

NOURISH | A wellness workshop for mindful, badass women. You in? Reserve your spot here + join us on 11/12 for some empowerment and deep nourishment. YES!

ON REPEAT | Songs that I keep coming back to: Phantogram / Answer, Big Grams / Lights On, Lion Babe / Treat Me Like Fire, Brock Berrigan / Four Walls and an Amplifier, Del Water Gap / In The Yard

SNUGGLE CHILL | Where I'd be spending all of my time during hibernation season if it were completely up to me. 

Also, this blanket + evening bonfires + these s'mores. Call me a child, but you know that you can't resist either. 

Full moon on the radar, so maybe bite your tongue before you speak and be OK with the fact that you might need more solitude and rest than usual. Take it or leave it.

xx be well,