Ceramics, Donuts + DIY Deodorant

Waking up these past couple of mornings, I haven't been able to tell if it's December or April. The weather here is gorgeous, so I'm not complaining and will gladly hang on to it as long as we can. Although, it's like playing a game of jacket roulette when deciding how much layering (or not) is needed from one day to the next. Are sandals acceptable, or no?

Anyways, one thing is for sure. Donuts are always in season. But in the spirit of December and the holidays ahead, we'll keep this roundup (somewhat) informative and full of ingredients, flavors and gift ideas that should result in some happy taste buds, healthy bellies, happy humans, a synthetic-free home and toxin-free armpits. Trust me, just keep reading. 

BECAUSE DONUTS | With maple cinnamon cashew frosting. Ooo girl gimme some. 

CARAGEENAN | The latest additive to be banned from the shelves due to speculation that it may cause digestive inflammation. Here's a helpful and detailed guide on which brands contain it, and which ones don't. (Be mindful next time you grab that almond milk.)

DIY DEODORANT | All natural deodorant bars, because sometimes we just feel like going a little crunchy granola on you.

ETSY FINDS | I've got a thing for this ceramic hand bowl and these porcelain plates + accompanying nesting bowls. Who wouldn't want a set of nesting bowls? 

GIFT THE GOODS | These goods, to be exact. All are wonderful, intentional gift ideas for the wellness-minded. Browse around and then head over to shop more conscious goods for yourself + those on your list. 

LITE + CYCLE | Beautiful candles made with intention / without disruptive and synthetic substances like phthalates, petrochemicals, lead and paraffin. In bergamot, lavender, sage + more. 

PLANT THERAPY | I want to take a nap in this bathroom. Every day. Fill your feed with plant therapy for inspiration on how you can bring them into your personal space.

SEASONAL TRANSITION | Lacy Phillips of Free + Native says it best. Read this thing here to see what I'm talking about. 

SPA SAVASANA | Brooklynites (and anyone else that'll be in the area on December 11), come indulge in a delicious yoga + botanical oils workshop co-hosted by yours truly + Maven Made. 

SWEET POTATO, SQUASH, SHIITAKE | So what if Thanksgiving is over, keep celebrating with sweet potato shiitake bites and butternut squash ravioli. (Oh yeah, and pumpkin miso pie.)

To PUMPKIN MISO PIE. And almond milk lattes that are carageenan-free. 

Be well.