Dirty Chai + Conversations about Women's Health

What makes a chai dirty, exactly? That, I cannot answer for sure, but I found it in pancake form. Scroll to the bottom, but don't miss the important topics of conversation in between. Plus, a brief bit on my obsession with almost every single type of butter (that isn't peanut...or even almond). 

New in the health food world: Coconut Jerky and CBD Chocolate Bars. For further reading on the potential benefits of CBD oil, see here

A few of my recent pantry upgrades that are quickly becoming staples: Coconut Butter (it's like velvet in your mouth)Ghee Butter (a better way to cook anything and everything from eggs to veggies to pancakes)Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter (unique taste + high content of iron and zinc). Aka butter on everything!

Marie Kondo on the KonMari method“You not only learn that what you have is just enough, but also recognize a sense of abundance and thankfulness when you look around your home and only see ‘joyful’ things.” Has anyone read her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? If so, I'd love to borrow it and trade you for one of my reads. 

Speaking of tidying up, as you transition to your fall closet and purge what you no longer wear, take your old denim to Madewell to help someone in need.

A lesson in leaky gut. Spoiler, some of the main culprits include grains, sugar, alcohol and dairy.

A lifestyle to live by: work, live, be. Especially in this new age of entrepreneurialism and choosing to be your own boss. 

I was recently speaking to some lady friends about the rise in infertility/miscarriages, especially among young and seemingly "healthy" women. And then, I came across this article on acupuncture in reference to how one OBGYN believed that it helped her in her pregnancy. 

Hormones and their link to anxiety.

In a society that's so quick to disregard women's pain…let's continue to speak up.

Transparent thoughts, struggles and issues on perfectionism. A seemingly taboo topic, especially among women. Imperfect = perfect. 

Adaptogenic spotlight: Reishi. The queen bee of herbs for immunity, longevity and stress relief. 

For your next weekend brunch menu, these dirty chai pancakes. Try them with ghee and I promise you'll never want to go back. 

And to end on a sweet note, a little treat that your lips will love. That too, I promise. 

Hope you've all been shamelessly enjoying the shorter work week. I can't wait to share some new content with you, which had my mind racing until about 2am last night. Coming soon, so hang on to your seats. 

xx be well + lots of love to you.


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