Delicata Tacos, Dopamine + Going Phthalate Free

  Photo courtesy: The True Spoon

Photo courtesy: The True Spoon

In an effort to be more mindful, and less mindless about the content we consume, this week's roundup covers everything from (good) food to going phthalate free, plus nature's form of dopamine and why you'll want to add it to your home apothecary this season. 

SAVORY OATMEAL | It's time to revamp those morning oats. And when you do, make this Curry Oatmeal. Extra kimchi, please. 

DELICATA TACOS | Who says tacos have to be so traditional? Give them a seasonal spin and maybe consider drizzling them extra thick with this spicy vegan chipotle aioli

PHTHALATE FREE | Take a timeout (for good) from this toxic ingredient that's commonly found in perfumes, nail polish and many other unexpected places. 

ESTROBOLOME | This specific gut bacteria is responsible for one very important hormonal function: metabolizing estrogen. When imbalanced, it could create a host of issues, including the cause of your bloating. (PSA: dairy, sugar, and gluten are major culprits in exacerbating bacterial imbalances, and consistently consuming these kinds of foods can set you up for a downward spiral.)

CLEANING HOUSE | All of that unnecessary junk around you may be one of the reasons that you're feeling a little overwhelmed. A few simple ways to clear the clutter around you to better support your mental and physical health.

HEALING FOODS | How specific foods may help target specific ailments, from apples and celery to ginger and honey.

SNUGGLE CHILL | That's what we call restorative yoga at the studio. This lounge jumpsuit, however, has the same effect. 

CLIMATE CHANGE | Is real. Here's a helpful guide for the ways in which you can help protect the tides of our oceans, the lands we roam and pave a cleaner road for our future generations. 

ADAPTOGENS FOR STRESS | These five adaptogens are being praised for their ability to help lower cortisol in the body. Educate yourself and then try out the accompanying recipes that you can blend together and sip right out of your favorite morning mug (like chocolate maca milk). 

DOPAMINE | Re: Mucuna Pruriens, the kind of stuff that you want to have on supply, especially this time of year when it's darker longer. It contains L-dopa, the precursor to dopamine, for a little boost on those days where you just need to ensure kindness.

And in case you missed it, nourishing Thanksgiving breakfast + brunch menu ideas, for the not-so-traditional holiday. Especially if you're the kind that prefers napping your way through the rest of the day. 

Now go make some delicata tacos and snag that jar of dopamine. We'll be back next week with a fresh set of mindful content in an effort to help you live more consciously + vibrantly. 

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