Dairy Free, D Deficient + Why You Should Be Adding Chaga To Your Desserts

  Photo credit: The Chalkboard Mag

Photo credit: The Chalkboard Mag

Slowly but surely, we're starting to come out of winter hibernation. Seasonal anxiety disorder is real, and so is rainy season in California. In this week's roundup: a guide to internal sunshine, lemon truffles laced with herbal aphrodisiacs, dairy-free alternatives for every meal and where to go if you have just an hour or so in Manhattan. 

DAIRY-FREE OR BUST | Digestive or skin issues? Dairy is almost always a culprit. Try these alternatives, and you likely won't miss the "real" stuff.

Morning: enzyme-rich cashew yogurt & nut milk (paired with your favorite granola)

Main Course: spicy vegan white pizza with broccoli rabe & truffle cream

Dessertdried strawberries with basil, balsamic and almond milk cheese

TAMPONS FOR FREE | ...as they should be. Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation on Wednesday making free menstrual products available in all New York City public schools, shelters and jails. “These laws recognize that feminine hygiene products are a necessity ― not a luxury.” You're damn right they are. Let's hope others continue to follow suit. 

WOMEN IN WELLNESS | Thanks to these female-led wellness spaces that allow for women to recharge and lead the charge. The future is female. Yeah!

AN HOUR IN MANHATTAN | Living in Brooklyn, I hardly ever make it across the bridge. But when I do: Sky Ting Yoga (for alternative movement), The Alchemist's Kitchen (for lunching & marveling), Bluestone Lane (for golden lattes + almond butter and jelly slathered on Balthazaar bread)CAP Beauty (for re-stocking the home apothecary). And then I'm out. 

Here's my full NYC guide if you want more of where this came from. 

SELF-CARE, NOT SELFISH I haven't tried these self-care indulgences quite yet, but I sure do hear good things about this coconut milk mask, these Jiva Apoha oils (hello, holy grass body oil) and the balm from Nucifera

ADAPTOGENIC DELIGHTS | Lemon rose truffles infused with pine pollen, chocolate chaga pops with cacao and chaga mushrooms and vanilla qi milk for adrenal support and longevity.

If you don't have time for all that (I hear you), then get to sippin'. I've recently been keeping these with me to stir into steamed nut milks on the go. 

HERE COMES THE SUN | Or rather, here's to hoping. D deficient these days? I feel you. Winter is rough, but here's a helpful and holistic guide to internal sunshine

LAYERED IN WARMTH | I love how men's sweatshirts fit, and adore this California brand's simple and clean line. Perfect for layering during these in-between, inconsistent seasonal months.

Here's to hoping for sunnier days, both inside and out. Be well.