Ayurvedic Techniques, Going Braless + A Cozy Weekend Outlook

Anyone else feeling this whirlwind, the calm before this said storm? I haven't paid much attention, but am feeling it rise today. This thick cloud coverage is presenting a very cozy situation and making me re-think all that's on my to-do list. Ride it out and use it as a time to let yourself rest while welcoming in abundance and clarity for the long season ahead. 

On to my weekly roundup and some things that just might be worth your while:

NUT MILKS | I've been on a kick making simple, homemade pumpkin seed milk and recently stumbled across these three varieties that are worth trying next. 

PRESERVE YOUR HERBS | Voila, a genius trick for freezing fresh herbs with olive oil to make cooking a delicious breeze. 

SUPPLEMENT WITH THIS | A Q&A with functional medicine physician Robin Berzin, M.D. on assessing fundamental nutrients needed for overall health, including some that may noticeably boost the health of skin and hair. 

METHYLATION | A biochemical process that's involved in almost all of your body's functions. Know what it means and how to improve it(Personal note: take this stuff seriously. This is how I uncovered the weakness in my liver function that led to my estrogen dominance and endometriosis.) 

NO BAKE DOUGHNUTS | A favorite from the archives and a reminder to give these babies another whirl.

GOING BRALESS | Save those tatas! A case for going wireless, or whenever possible, completely braless.

AYURVEDIC TECHNIQUES | A practice that I've slowly been incorporating into my life, thanks to inspiration from this woman. She even has recipes for each dosha

TONGUE SCRAPING | Why you should be doing this every morning for improved health and reduced toxicity. 

SEASONALITY & SKIN | A Brooklyn beauty's holy grail natural beauty essentials that work well through the seasons. 

THE BEDTIME EXPERIMENT | For my fellow night owls who struggle with going to bed at a decent time, here's an experiment to find the optimal window for a restful night's sleep. 

FALL TRAVEL | Richmond, Nashville and Maine are among the list of best cities to travel to in October

WEEKEND OUTLOOK | I didn't get around to making these pancakes last weekend, but with the weather outlook ahead, I'm feeling it'll happen this weekend along with some variation of baked oatmeal to stay cozy and well nourished.

Give yourself permission to hibernate this weekend and tackle some of those projects that have fallen off your radar. And if there's one final piece of advice that I can leave you with, meditate. Even for just five minutes. I can't even begin to explain the wealth of benefits.

And keep doing you.

That is all. 

xx be well, 


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