California Dreaming & Van Morrison on Repeat

  Photo courtesy, CEREAL Magazine: Los Angeles City Guide

Photo courtesy, CEREAL Magazine: Los Angeles City Guide

Fall Equinox! Acknowledge it in some way. Gather your community, collaborate on a project, honor the harvest. Focus on abundance as a natural state of being. Read more here

In an effort to bring about awareness of some lovely makers, movers and shakers that are creating conscious products and goods, I've started featuring Maker Spotlights on Instagram every Monday. You'll be able to find them all right here in the shop.

Currently daydreaming of California, but when am I not? This city guide nails it with the visual aesthetic and captures the calming and beautiful energy of Los Angeles so well. 

Spotify friends, this Van Morrison song on repeat lately.

Really into this Venice-based artist whose work is an exploration of what she views to be the single most important thing in this human experience: connection. Specifically loving this piece

Deficient in vitamin B12? You might be, so be mindful of possible symptoms and solutions. Remember, your intuition usually knows best. 

I've been carving out time to watch MindBodyGreen's video series from their recent wellness event in Arizona. This one resonates personally, and a good idea for any female to watch it.

The topic of estrogen dominance hits home for me. I love Dr. Northrup's emphasis on holistic options for decreasing excess estrogen. 

France has passed a new law to ensure all plastic cups, cutlery and plates can be composted and are made of biologically-sourced materials. "The law, which comes into effect in 2020, is part of the Energy Transition for Green Growth – an ambitious plan that aims to allow France to make a more effective contribution to tackling climate change." 

Here's a cool little thing, adopting an olive tree. Indulge in olive oil while supporting the farmers and producers in Puglia, Italy. 

And in case you missed it, my latest post on intuitive eating. It's time to drop the labels in favor of our own health. Yes? Yes. 

Hope your weekend is full of abundance and nourishment. Make this easy sweet potato skillet hash, burn your favorite candle and give yourself some much deserved rest. 

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