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Life is all about balance, right? Or so I explain it that way in my latest post. Well that balance involves a fair share of giving into your sweet cravings, but only if you do it right. And that's where we cue the chocolate. But not the kind of chocolate that's wrapped up in deceiving silver wrappers. The rich kind. Rich as in good-for-you nutrients. I've been talking about sweet cravings a lot lately, haven't I?...

Keep reading. I promise that this week's ramblings (and eye candy) get better.

  Photo courtesy of ALOHA

Photo courtesy of ALOHA

"Honey, honey, honey. Chocolate's not your problem. Chocolate is your solution." And by chocolate, we're referring to the rich cocoa content in it that brings the happy. Cocoa boosts endorphin levels, lights up the brain’s pleasure centers, increases serotonin levels and provides phenylethylamine (also known as the love drug).

Besides enjoying it in these homemade almond butter cupsmay I suggest stocking up on ALOHA's Superfood Chocolate? Pick your fancy from their wonderful flavors: original Superfood, new Macadamia Coconut, Hazelnut and Fig, Tropical Twist, and Cereal Crunch. Why? They're made with 60% fair trade cocoa, containing beautifying antioxidants, are infused with nutrients from superfood greens and sweetened only with coconut sugar. Bonus for you, dear readers, is that you can get 20% off by using code ANDBEWELL at checkout. Bingo. 

And then that way, you can use the chocolate in some of these dreamy recipes, including Coconut Chocolate Coins, Homemade Chocolate Poptarts, Crispy Treats, Chocolate Quinoa Pancakes and my favorite, these S'mores

  Photo courtesy of Stephanie Birch ( @stephynow )

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Birch (@stephynow)

And besides bringing the happy with some awesome superfood poptarts, start getting better about being nice to yourself. Taking care of yourself is the least selfish thing that you could ever do. We tend to be the best, happiest versions of ourselves when our personal well-being comes first. And speaking of, here's another great piece on self-love. Don't carry around the notion that self-love is just for spiritual junkies. It's crucial for everyone in being present, content and most importantly, finding true happiness. 

That said, there are certainly plenty of opportunities to bring the happy to others - in the form of giving out more compliments. Give warmth and attention when it feels genuine and appropriate - not as a means of seeking attention or validation. You may very well make that person's day without even knowing it. 

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Bring the happy with you wherever you go. Chocolate, compliments, gratitude and all.

Be well,

xo Allison


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