Breaking Bread, Banning Carcinogens + Understanding Your Body Clock

  Photo credit: Ozma via NaNin

Photo credit: Ozma via NaNin

Blue majik is the new black, or more fittingly, the new matcha. Immune system support. Restoring your circadian rhythm. Bread, because bread, but not just your average bread. Harnessing your emotions and layering yourself in handmade love. Here's what's inspired me this week:

BLUE MAJIK TONIC | A variation of a "hot toddy" infused with blue majik that won't give you the hangover. Where the heck to get your blue majik fix, you ask? Moon Juice's Blue Adaptogen Protein.

BREAKING BREAD | It ain't no thick slice of sourdough, but this easy homemade bread will do the trick to make you feel good and nourished. Slather it with a layer of ghee, nut butter, or mashed avocado to fill your belly with essential, nutrient rich fats. And are you ready for this? Grain free cacao-maqui berry loaf with maca butter. Can't make this stuff up.

SLATHER WITH OIL | Speaking of fats, this California olive oil is made from a special blend of hand-picked olives, yielding a greener oil full of the powerful fountain of youth-like antioxidant. The same makers also just launched a calendula-infused face oil. Why wouldn't you want mermaid on your bottle of EVOO?

IMMUNE BOOST | Natural foods and lifestyle habits to help support your immune system. ACV with a side of breathwork, anyone? And when all else fails, sleep.

THE POWER OF PLANT FOOD | How plant chemistry and adaptogens played a major role in restoring this lady's menstrual cycle. And speaking of menstrual, this functional hot water bottle to ease cramps.

BANNING CARCINOGENS | Agriculture giant Monsanto may soon be required to label its controversial herbicide, Roundup, as a potential carcinogen. The major ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, has been ruled “probably carcinogenic to humans” by French researchers. via Sakara Life

EMOTIONAL IS OK | Sometimes true joy doesn't come from slapping on a happy face, but from being authentic about your emotional state

LAYERED IN LOVE | Handmade curations with a feminine feel from a favorite local shop: these wide leg pants, this white linen dipped back dress and these golden belleza earrings.

BODY CLOCK | Restoring your body to its natural circadian rhythm may seem complex, but this body clock reset is extremely informative in understanding when specific organs are in their most active state for detoxification and healing. Ladies, most important is your liver, working hard between the hours of 1-3am. 

Take care of yourself and have a lovely weekend. 

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