Fudgesicles, Ghee & Puglia. Why Not.

I love a good theme when it comes to these weekly link things, but this week I am going themeless. Less is more, right? Just like no pants, best pants. Stay with me here.

After writing some seriously bold, no laughing matter kind of stuff, I like to lighten the load and celebrate all of the amazing things being shared and discussed within the wellness community, and beyond.

This week is just that. Emphasis on the visuals, candy for your eyes. Still informative and sometimes a bit matter-of-fact, but here for you as inspiration. Uncovering and sharing the little nuggets of gold from around the world wide web. And, these are actually really fun for me (as they should be).

  Photo courtesy: Eyeswoon

Photo courtesy: Eyeswoon

Let's start by eating with our eyes. We're talking summer spiralized salads, otherwise known as sexy food with the sexy women of Sakara. Haven't heard of Sakara? They're being crowned the Beyonce & Jay-Z of the plant-based world. Must be that bee pollen cashew crunch they serve up for breakfast. 

If you dig it, check out next week's menu (hello, soba bowl) and take advantage of a sweet little discount from yours truly. Just enter code REF_ALLISONWLOVE15 at checkout. 

I'm awkward when trying to plug discount codes, but there is it for you if you wish to take advantage. 

Moving on. To fudgesicles. 

  Photo courtesy: My New Roots

Photo courtesy: My New Roots

But not just any kind of fudgesicles, these fudgesicles. Five ingredients. No more, no less...unless you want to go crazy with your favorite toppings du jour. 

I don't do the dairy thing, but holy smokes this Orange + Calendula Carrot Cake with Lavender Cream Cheese Frosting. I admittedly am a terrible baker, but I'll do unheard of things if someone out there wants to make a vegan version of this.

What the heck is ghee and why should I be eating it? The next time you make some fluffy pancakes, slather this stuff on. It's like a deep savasana for your insides

Is a health coach right for you? I'm biased, but my short, affirmative answer to that is a hell YES. (+ if you're interested, let's talk.)

Low maintenance plant ideas for some serious feng shui + these amazing functional & decorative vases.

  Photo courtesy: Cereal Magazine

Photo courtesy: Cereal Magazine

Places for your travel hit list: Puglia, Goa, Venice Beach, the Mojave Desert for a sound bath at the Integratron. The list goes on, and on. 

The Fire Starter Sessions, a must-read for all. I'm only a few pages in and boom. Fire is an understatement. 

  Photo courtesy: Cereal Magazine

Photo courtesy: Cereal Magazine

Happy weekend to every single one of you. I'm off to frolick around NYC for some wedding fun and pour out my bank account at Juice Press. Then taking time to deeply retreat in Montauk.

I hope your upcoming days are filled with rest, rejuvenation, sexy fudgesicles, sun and whatever the heck you feel like. You do YOU. 

I love you, always.

xx Allison