Pun With Food, Morning Coffee Essentials & Fancy Footwork

There's truly no rhyme or reason behind this week's link love, but I sure had a lot of fun with it. Enjoy this easy breezy read and hopefully you carry the lighthearted fun with you through the weekend!

Pun With Food

Did you all see the U.S. Food Map that a dad and his eight year old son created? It gave me a real good chuckle one evening, especially when I landed on South Dacocoa Puffs. My personal top favorites are below. 

I find myself loving those cute little food phrases like "you're the peanut butter to my jelly" and got on a little roll myself. Luckily, there actually are some delicious recipes out there to accompany the pun with food mood that I'm currently in. 

The graham cracker to my s'more.

The peanut butter to my jelly...chia pudding.

The chocolate pudding to my breakfast cake.

The pecans to my sticky buns

Ah, that was fun.

  Photo courtesy of @_foodstories_

Photo courtesy of @_foodstories_

Coffee Morning Essentials

The best part of waking up is that fresh, piping hot cup of coffee. Or during these warmer months, a nice tall glass of iced coffee. The kind where after you take a big swig you find yourself saying ahhh (well, that's at least what I do). However you prefer yours, take a cue from a few golden essentials below that are sure to make your morning sipping rituals all the better.

First things first, try to make it a habit to brew your own at home. There's something about enjoying the fruits of your own (drip coffee) labour. It's hard to beat this Glass Handled Chemex which has been praised and applauded for enhancing coffee's inherent sweetness without hiding any of its boldness.

Hop on board the Parlor Coffee bandwagon while you can. There is something so distinctively unique about their coffee, perhaps because every one of their uniquely sweet coffees that has made its way into a bag has been on quite a journey - beginning with the producer at origin and ending in the careful hands of the roaster. The coffee is roasted every Sunday and shipped on Mondays. [Richmond, VA locals: you can find this on the shelves at Harvest Grocery & Supply. They'll grind it right there for you!}

Have you heard about that bulletproof life? To put it simply, it's upgraded coffee that's blended with grass-fed butter and coconut oil. (Hu Kitchen in NYC calls it their Crack Coffee). Well, I personally don't keep grass-fed better stocked in my fridge, however I've started creating my own version of it by blending my morning drip coffee with a tbsp of coconut oil. I can promise you, it is nothing short of pure bliss. It's rich, buttery, and very latte-like. There's a new company called CoCo & Co that recently introduced Coconut Stuff. It's made specifically for coffee and includes coconut oil, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and honey. The coconuts are plucked in Sri Lanka and blended in Brooklyn, NY. How 'bout that. I just purchased my first jar...stay tuned. 

And for those breezy summer mornings when you might be feeling a little too lazy to make coffee, have some coffee ice cubes ready in your freezer. Fill your glass with the cubes and then pour your favorite milk on top for instant iced coffee. Genius.

  Photo courtesy of @anthropologie

Photo courtesy of @anthropologie

Fancy Footwork

While I don't know how I feel about this shoe trend making a re-appearance, I have been trying to expand my shoe closet with some fun pairs this season. While you can't beat a $10 pair of slightly worn Vans look alikes for skipping around in down by the river (thanks for the steal Addison Handmade & Vintage)...

  Photo courtesy of BucketFeet

Photo courtesy of BucketFeet

...I am so tickled by these Pineapple Gold Leather Back slip-ons from BucketFeet. The company's mission is to connect people through art, so they collaborate with artists around the world who hand drawn each shoe design and therefore with every purchase, you're able to help share the artist's story. Pretty neat. 

  Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

This is where you enter that cat emoji with the hearts as eyes. Just look at that gorgeous beading and leather work! Ladies, it's time to pull out the LBD that's hiding in your closet, lace up these Sam Edelman Yates Heels and glide on some sexy lipstick. Yes ma'am. 

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend, keep cozy & be well.

xo Allison

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