For The Love of Noodles (& Denim)

Ahhh, Thursday. Getting through a full work week after a long holiday weekend can make you feel like you're tirelessly searching for the light at the end of the tunnel and then bam, it's Friday and the le weekend starts to make you feel all the good feels.

  Photo courtesy of Gretchen Roehrs,  @groehrs

Photo courtesy of Gretchen Roehrs, @groehrs

...kinda like how you'd feel walking around in a banana jumpsuit. Fun, right? I am in LOVE with fashion illustrator Gretchen Roehrs' playful fashion-meets-food sketches. Life imitates art, and well, she's got the right idea. And is doing it damn well. 

And you know what else people are doing really well lately? Noodles. Yes, of all things, noodles. 

It was this past Sunday that marked the first time in a very, very long time that I stepped foot in a Panera. Not that I hold anything against Panera, I just usually take another route or don't think of it as a top of mind option. I’ll have to say, I was quite impressed with all of the amazing new menu additions. Vegan and vegetarian options left and right - joy! Their Soba Noodle Edamame Bowl grabbed my attention, so I thought I’d give it a go. And with that, It reminded me of all the amazing noodle recipes that I’ve been eyeing lately. 

  Photo courtesy of Glowing Within

Photo courtesy of Glowing Within

Like these Cucumber Noodles with Avocado Sauce from my dear friend over at Glowing Within. Get your spiralizer act together and go crazy with this simple three-minute recipe that'll keep you cool and in good company along with your spicy summer margarita. 

  Photo courtesy of Dreamy Leaf

Photo courtesy of Dreamy Leaf

If this Grilled Vegetables & Hummus Spaghetti doesn't win your heart...

An umami-like taste comes together in this recipe by mixing hummus with fire roasted eggplants, upon further mixing with other grilled vegetables, fresh parsley, onion, hemp seeds and more.

  Photo courtesy of Wholy Goodness

Photo courtesy of Wholy Goodness

And that spiralizer will really come into good use, especially because of how many times you'll find yourself making these Pesto Zoodles. Zucchini Noodles. Brilliance!

And P.S...did you know that Panera has made a commitment to removing artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors and flavors from their menu by the end of 2016? Check out what's on their no-no list here.

Dearest Anthropologie, thank you for making denim look so damn good. You all should consider joining in on this closet detox and then use that cleared up space to mix up your repertoire in favor of these refined staples that will carry you right into fall. Don't think for a second that you can't pull off any of these looks. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and just rock it. 

And not quite denim, but along similar lines, here are a few of my favorite linen inspired items. You can also browse them (and more of my favorites) on the shop section of my site.

  Photo courtesy of Food52

Photo courtesy of Food52

Cross Linen Apron for twirling and whirling around your kitchen in. Tunes preferably cranked up real loud. 

Natural, eco-friendly, handmade linen towels for earthy tablescapes and breezy summer entertaining.

And finally, these linen pillowcases for something soft to land your head on during an afternoon snooze or good night's sleep. 

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For the sweet love of summer zoodles. And denim. And linen.

Be well, darlings.