Beautiful Sights & Sounds

The weather is finally getting warmer and I can't help but to feast my wanderlust eyes on vacation getaway ideas and shift the tunes to something a bit more upbeat and suitable for spring frolicking. Lucky for me, this week's inspiration came pretty easy to me, and within my natural "habitat." I'm appreciative of people that share their beauty with the world, and in turn, enjoy being able to pass it right along. It's very contagious, in a similar manner that these beautiful sights & sounds are also contagious. So set everything aside and just indulge your eyes & ears...

Beautiful Sights

I recently started following blogger Katrina Lee and fell in love with the home that she and her husband built in New Zealand. It's bright, beautiful and inviting - filled with a very neutral and warm color palette. Don't you just want to grab it right off the screen? See more photos on her blog

Life & Thyme is a relatively new online magazine that documents food culture around the world with storytelling sensibility.  As they say, "where there is good food, there is culture and stories to be told." Truth. The moments that they capture through their photography are insanely drool-worthy. I am in such awe. Spend some good, good time scrolling around their story section. And in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite places & stories that they've captured:

  Photos courtesy of  Life & Thyme

Photos courtesy of Life & Thyme

A Passionate Pursuit: Gracias Madre (Los Angeles, CA), one of West Hollywood's most popular restaurants and a spotlight on the hearts behind it. 

  Photos courtesy of Life & Thyme

Photos courtesy of Life & Thyme

Vibrant Santorini (Oia, Greece), which takes you on a breathtaking visual tour of this idyllic island and the famous moussaka that "tastes so home-cooking good that it could warm a tourist's heart."

  Photos courtesy of Life & Thyme

Photos courtesy of Life & Thyme

Toby's Estate Coffee: West Village Cafe (New York, NY), of course I must give an ode to my previous four-year stint/temporary home. Toby's Estate was such a gem, and there's nothing more New York than a coffee shop that took real good care of you. 


...& Beautiful Sounds

Music is a form of self-expression, something that can turn up or turn down your mood and sometimes even make you feel a little nostalgic. I love finding new songs and artists and tossing them into my playlist mix, so here's just a small handful of a few that I've been playing on repeat. Click to listen and enjoy these beautiful, uplifting sounds.

Hearts Racing // The Bones of J.R. Jones

Boardwalks // Little May

Fields // Still Parade

Stepping Out // Titanics

Little Ones // Come On Live Long

California Sunrise // Dirty Gold

Sun Shy // Dresses

Reflections // Misterwives


Cheers to finding beautiful inspiration in all the right places!

Be well,

xo Allison


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