Local Richmond Gems, A Floral Affair & Building A Better (Weekend) Stack

 Photo courtesy of  @harvestrva

Photo courtesy of @harvestrva

Local Spotlight

Since my move back down to sweet little Virginia, I have fallen madly in love with a handful of local spots that I frequent to get my fill of everything from beauty products to kitchen staples. Each time I pay a visit, there seems to be a bundle of new items and clever surprises, reminding me that many times, it truly is the little things that can make (or turn around) your day. 

I reserve the occasional weekend morning for coffee and a pop-in at the lovely NA NIN on South Addison to stock up on sweetly-scented candles (she creates her own and carries a few from Woodlot) and beauty cabinet products - several of which can be found in my previous post (here). I am always in awe of how owner Kate Jennings carefully (and wisely) chooses the items that she carries in her shop, always keeping her customers' needs top-of-mind.

And speaking of NA NIN pop-ins...during my first visit over the holidays, the owner of local boutique studio Photosynthesis Floral Design was there for a pop-up shop creating beautiful custom wreaths and floral arrangements. She has a strong commitment to sustainability and sources flowers that are in season and locally grown, using sustainable and fair trade practices. So whether it's a wedding, holiday, birthday or any other special or "just because" occasion, I can imagine that she has the perfect creation for just that.

And then there's Harvest Grocery & Supply. Quickly making their mark on the Richmond map, this relatively new neighborhood market is always a favorite pit stop of mine. I've left with new cookbooks, soaps, snacks, bottles of wine and most recently, a brand new Chemex (which has totally changed my morning routine for the better, by the way). A few favorites that they carry: Mast Brothers Chocolate, Wildly American body scrubs, Pipcorn mini popcorn and Chickpea Magazine, a vegan quarterly. Plus, they have Thursday evening wine tastings and crank out some amazing made-to-order sandwiches on the weekends. 

Believing In Spring: A Floral Affair

While it's a delightfully cozy snow day here in Virginia, it's about that time where we're all anxious for warmer weather and those first signs of Spring when the flowers start to bloom. Well, I have yet again stumbled across some amazing Etsy finds, this time in the case of floral-y like things for the home. 

I have a bare, white wall (one of many) across from my kitchen and I've been wondering how to bring it to life, especially since it's right by the entryway to my apartment. And these Botanical Art Prints by Day Three Creations are the perfect thing, in my opinion. I went a little crazy and purchased seven of them to make sure that the wall is well covered and bursting with warm, eye-catching and inviting art. The above is just a sampling of a few that I grabbed for myself. Each print comes with a collection label (in the lower right-hand corner) with its exact scientific name and origin so that you have some knowledge/a nice conversation topic when guests are over.

And not necessarily floral, but I adore Amelie Mancini's shop filled with kitchen and tabletop accessories and home decor. Absolutely loving her cactus print on this pillow case and tote as well as the matching table napkins (which also come in a green wild ferns print)Feels like a page right out of a Palm Springs-inspired magazine.

Build A Better Stack

Whoops! Apparently I missed National Pancake Week this month. Oh well, because pancakes are something that I feel you don't need a week designated to them. I don't eat them very often (or often enough), but that's the thing about pancakes...whenever I do enjoy them, I don't shy away from a nice big sweet stack. Here are a few that I've had my eye on...and in fact, I think this weekend I may just whip up a batch. 

Hello to these Buckwheat Pancakes with Maple-Whisky Syrup, Dates & Roasted Citrus. Also, you can never really go wrong with some delicious Banana Bread pancakes (to the right, which happen to be gluten free, if that is your thing). 

How 'bout these Coconut, Almond and Quinoa cakes or just some good 'ole Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancakes? Hey, if you're going to make some pancakes, you may as well go all out.

OK, I am drooling. Let's all get our pancake fix this weekend, because we most definitely deserve it.

Happy (snowy) Thursday!

Be well,

xo Allison

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