Favorite Little Things

I have been scouring left and right, from local boutiques to Etsy shops, in search of new discoveries that can't quite be found in mass retailers. It's really satisfying and almost rewarding to find it for yourself and then share the love with others, or even just keep it your own little secret. I want to share my little secrets by giving you the in on some of my favorite little things that I've recently stumbled across.

To the left: Midnight Collective's Hibiscus & Blood Orange Soaking Salts for indulgent, toxic-free soaking and winding down. 

To the right: The Balm & Co's Matcha Mint Lip Balm, a spa treatment for your lips (infused with luscious avocado butter). 

Woodlot's Coconut Wax Candles, eco-friendly and infused with pure essential oils. And a 2015 Great Musicians Calendar that features favorite lyrics from great musicians like Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan and more. 

The perfect Hanging Air Plant Cradle to give any bare wall a little love along with a Terrarium Plant Collection of succulents for sprinkling throughout the home. 

Gourmet chocolates, all the way from sunny L.A., of course. Compartes is on fire with their genius creations. From left to right: Beach Sprinkles Butterscotch White Chocolate, Cereal Bowl White Chocolate, Donuts & Coffee Milk Chocolate, Japan White Chocolate / Matcha Green Tea. Wouldn't one of these make anyone's day that much better? Creatives and design enthusiasts would be head over heels for the artistic packaging alone. 

How beautiful this Hydrangea & Peony bay Wreath? Hang it on the front door, in the kitchen, or even right next to the 2015 Great Musicians calendar! And Fig + Yarrow's 4 Season Herbal Steam cleanses and detoxifies pores, drawing out any impurities. Perfect way to cleanse the skin at the beginning of each new season. 

A beautiful everyday note pad by that they'll want to write down their personal "little somethings" on. A brain purge, as I like to call it. As well as some gorgeous recipe cards to pass on from kitchen to kitchen with family or personal recipes (both from Rifle Paper Co). 

And that said, it also brings up another idea and way that you can share these discoveries with others, as gifts or just because. I'm extremely fond of Valley Brink Road's Gift Boxes and how cleverly curated they are - filled with just the right amount of "little things." Some of these items would be perfect in a gift box that you can create on your own and then fancy up with ribbons and bows. So whatever life event or celebration you're gifting for, perhaps a few of my personal favorite little things and recent finds will go well in your lovely box. Or maybe they're things that you just want to treat yourself with, and that'll do, too!

Happy Friday & Be Well!

xo Allison


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