Link Love: NYC's Best Coffee Shops, Stylish Fall Picks, Early Taste of Fall

 Photo courtesy of @cacahuete_sr via @twohandsnyc

Photo courtesy of @cacahuete_sr via @twohandsnyc

NYC Locale

Over the past week or so, coffee shops have resurfaced as my new favorite place to hide out, grab a good latte and get some work done. I keep stumbling on new ones, from the Upper East Side down to Little Italy. Here are two of my recent favorites, but I'll be sure to share others as I come across them. 

If you're on UES, scoot over to the gem that is Cafe Jax and treat yourself to my favorite, a dirty chai latte with almond milk. They get a fresh order of Dough Doughnuts from Brooklyn every morning, so have at it if you're in the mood to indulge a little. There's also a small patio downstairs that's perfect for soaking up this beautiful end of summer/early fall weather and overall makes for a nice and quiet spot to be productive (thanks to the free wifi). 

Alternatively, if you're frolicking around downtown, be sure to spend some quality time at Two Hands on Mott Street. This little gem recently opened this summer and is run by a very courteous (and handsome) group of Aussies. (P.S. Austrialian Cafes are making their mark in NYC - read about it here.) They sure do know what they're doing when it comes to a proper acai bowl and it doesn't hurt that you can also enjoy delicious avocado toast with your morning or afternoon brew. 

And speaking of avocado toast and my complete obsession with this genius creation, try the best of the best in the city at these spots: Butcher's Daughter (Kenmare & Elizabeth St.), Nourish Kitchen + Table (Bank & W. 12th St.), Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe (Greenwich & Perry St.), Cafe Gitane (Jane St / Mott St) and Local (Sullivan St)...just to name a few.  

Fall Picks

Whether it's for comfort, style, or staying active, these fall picks should help to keep you cozy while both looking and feeling good. 

Jo Shooties (pictured above in color zinnia) - a unique asymmetrical shape, wood heel and classic peep-toe that will pair well with your favorite jeans and a cozy knit sweater.

Erythrina Earrings - have that gorgeous, rich jewel tone that will beautifully accessorize any seasonal look.

Vuelta Rancher - a nice choice to complement your awesome locks or the better, lazier option if you want to sleep in a bit longer and not give too much attention to your morning routine. Trust me, you can pull it off. 

Geo Prism Crops - extremely soft and a great choice for pairing with a slouchy tee and scarf for a polished, comfortable look. 

Pure + Good Ruffled Compression pants - for stylish yet comfortable flair during your vinyasa. These are made with four-way stretch performance fabric (oo la la) for easy movement, moisture wicking and shape retention. Personally, I am loving the bold blue hue. 

Endless Summer Ankle Warmers - perfect to throw on top of your yoga pants to and from the studio to keep your feet warm while also snug enough to keep on during your practice, if you choose to do so.

Early Taste of Fall

I know. It's still 70+ degrees and summer-like out there, but it's September and for me, that's when I shift my focus to seasonal flavors and more of those comfort-food type dishes. I've come across a few and have been stocking my pantry with the ingredients to tackle this list, slowly but surely. 

Maple Pumpkin Oat Bites pair almost too well with a cold smoothie or hot beverage. Make several batches and keep them stored in the fridge for a quick, healthy little something to tide you over or to satisfy that "I need something pumpkin flavored" craving. 

Blueberry Quinoa Cornbread is a nice spin on a classic southern-style dish that's packed with protein and fiber and can easily be enjoyed on its own, especially as a healthy and filling breakfast alternative to something like a bowl of oatmeal. 

Big Comfy Sweet Potato is a meal-for-one filled with black beans and avocado...and then topped with a cleverly named red blanket sauce with ingredients like chipotle, tahini, tomatoes, lime juice and so on that will knock your socks off. This one is at the very tip top of my fall recipe list and I plan on enjoying it in my PJs. 

I could go on, but I will just leave you with this for the time being. Enjoy your Thursday & be well!

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