Link Love: Happier Summer Hours, A Visual Take On Cooking & Letting Yourself Relax

 Photo courtesy of Anthropologie's Blog

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie's Blog

Cheers to a relaxing, extended holiday weekend in good company and hopefully soaking up the sun and enjoying some very delicious food! The interwebs threw a lot of interesting things my way this past week, so I am now sharing with all of you. My hope is that you find some inspiration to help bring some excitement, wellness and time for yourself in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy & Be Well! xx

NYC Locale:

For those of you (like myself) that have developed a dairy intolerance, I've been informed that 16 Handles has finally said "Hola!" to vegan-friendly Soy Vanilla & Blood Orange Sorbetto flavors. Companies embracing dairy-free alternatives are steadily on the rise and I am loving it. There are locations throughout the East Coast, but locals can find the spot closest to you here

Planning to be in town Sunday, July 19? Anthropologie is teaming up with Good Eggs to host a "Locally Yours" pop-up market featuring local farmers & food makers. Stop by their West Broadway store to shop local, homemade goods and other fresh finds. Get to know the lovely folks behind Good Eggs here

Every Wednesday beginning July 9, Haven's Kitchen will be kicking off Summer Happier Hours with drink specials and snacks starting at 4:30 pm and trivia kicking off at 6pm (if you can scoot out of work that early, of course). Otherwise, plan to sign up for one of their hands-on Summer Cocktails Classes by learning how to utilize seasonal ingredients from the local green market. (Taking place July 10th & 24th of this month).

And speaking of happier hours, ABC Cocina & Kitchen have revealed their new summer cocktails. From top left to right: Mango Sunrise Sangria made with freshly squeeze juices that they create in-house paired with mango puree and artisanal grenadine sourced from Charleston, SC. The Cucumber Gin Fizz uses an Old Tom Gin from Colorado plus fresh cucumber juice, rosemary and a touch of vermouth from Spain. Strawberry Fields is made with a Brooklyn-based vodka that used sugar beets to make the vodka, and is paired with an in-house strawberry infusion, balsamic and ruby port. 

In Other News

The sucker that I am for more visuals and infographics in cookbooks versus words, I was (really) excited when I found out that designer/illustrator Katie Shelly uses simple sketches to deconstruct recipes to get a better understanding of how the dish will all come together. “One of my goals for this book is to encourage people to just let go of rigid kitchen rules and be loose and free about cooking. The charm of the illustrations is great for its own sake, but it’s also performing a real function in helping make cooking feel easy, lighthearted, and do-able. So what if you mess up? Once things get too serious, the drawings stop being inviting and start seeming intimidating. Like how people feel so oppressed by Ikea diagrams.” My kind of gal.

Coconut Water is now nearly a billion-dollar industry, with global demand rising by 168% from 2010 to 2013. Even Madonna is an investor. Mainstream beverage companies are now adding flavors from espresso to Thai chili extract, which can tack on added sugar, food coloring and chemical additives. Learn more from Modern Farmer to make sure you're selecting your coconut H2O wisely. (Hint: It looks like Vita Coco is one brand that comes out on top). 

 Photo courtesy of The Chalkboard Mag

Photo courtesy of The Chalkboard Mag

So you're saying that juicing can now be considered a sweet treat in frozen form? LA, I sure do envy (re: commend you) for being so on top of it, all the time. California Juice Makers Pressed Juicery finally connected the dots and created their own version by turning healthy juices into frozen treats, with flavors spanning from Greens Freeze to Citrus Freeze to Chocolate Almond Freeze. See you soon, Cali. 

 Photo courtesy of Food52

Photo courtesy of Food52

Do It Yourself

I can finally re-live my childhood dreams and pool days with this incredible step-by-step for homemade Choco Tacos. I swear, Food52 wins every time. It was always either this or a chip burger during adult swim. Contradicting myself here with my earlier mention of non-dairy frozen treats, however it's easy to swap for any non-dairy ice cream of your choice and by using almond milk in place of regular milk for the shells. 

With an upcoming beach vacation, I've been tracking down some summer essentials, from grilling skewers to ice pop molds that will hopefully help with creating some crowd-pleasing eats & treats. Take a peek at my recent feature to see if there's anything that sparks some interest and find ways to add some of your own flair & favorite flavors!

And most importantly, R-E-L-A-X. Do it for yourself - this weekend and every weekend this summer, if you can. Disconnect and recharge, taking full advantage of everything around you so that you don't find yourself constantly staring at a screen. Don't feel guilty, I get caught up in this too and something that I'm going to work on myself. 

Happiest 4th of July and can't wait to see what you're all up to this weekend!

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